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(August 23 – September 22)


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Virgos and ascendant Virgos,

You are getting solid support from the sky to reach your goals this year. Your ruling planet Mercury will retrograde in air signs 4 times this year. Especially the conversations and collaborations you will make about your life will mark this year. Solid earnings and new business lines will excite you. January 14-May-10-September 10-December 29 may be times when you spend more effort in particular.

Especially Scorpio and Taurus Solar Eclipses tell you to prepare yourself for some important achievements that may happen. In this case, when you complete a previous study or improve your skills on time, you will be well prepared for the second half of the year. The April 30 Taurus Solar Eclipse may come into your life as a new direction or a new chance. Your hard work from the beginning of February to June summarizes this year very clearly. You are already hardworking and happy as you produce, but you want to invest more in yourself this year.

Planet Mars will be retrograde in your career house for 5 months.

Your 10th House (Career) in the year promises you important changes this year. There may be issues that you felt the beginning of last year but now witness the change in full swing. Your career will involve more creativity. You may be slowly starting to feel the freedom to move forward in “intuitive and free” ways. You will no longer want to be locked behind a desk all day or hung up on routines. You need a career path that allows you to express your highest ideals. You will need to feel that the work you do helps the world, that it has meaning and purpose. You should choose well at this time to protect your reputation and social status and to beware of misunderstandings.

When Mars enters Gemini on August 20, you should closely follow all kinds of situations and developments related to your career, then be more self-sacrificing and careful on October 30th. Your friendship and social circle communication is extraordinarily important to advancing your career these days. Important friends, high-status people, new friendships in the direction you want to advance your careers may come into your life. You will be able to discover your talent for getting to know the right people this year and it will be of great help to you. Job seekers will be able to get great deals all year round. Your social life and relationships will generally be more stable and more harmonious than in previous years. There may be a growth in your close circle and social relations and new people joining.

Jupiter Pisces! You can decide to get married or a new partnership!

The important thing for you this year may be the idea of ​​not being alone in your own living space and being in the concept of being a family. It can also make you make some snap decisions. Your conditions will be very important in this regard. Having children and fear of loneliness can trigger you. So you can make some direction changes. But this year, you may be thinking of moving or relocating. You may find yourself solving some issues that you have not been able to resolve for many years in family relationships and with your close relatives. Some minor problems of your family may make you think.

May-September is a particularly good time to have family gatherings, fix problems with family members, buy beauty items for the home, or redecorate and beautify your home. You must ensure that your siblings take responsibility and learn to liberate your own personal space. This year, you can go branding for new businesses or businesses that you started in 2021 and failed to achieve. You can earn money.

Remember that Jupiter will retrograde in your relationship house!

With Jupiter’s transition to Pisces again on October 28, it triggers a process where you can get your unfinished business or offers again between May 2021 and July. In this process, it will not be right for you to make decisions such as ending your marriage or cooperation. In order to make the best use of this year, when you are open to experiencing great financial comfort, you should definitely make certain investment plans between February and June and be at the point of creating savings. Relationships will be very important to you this year. Being in a reasonable relationship and solving some problems together will be good for you this year. After May 15, a great love story can give a wonderful direction to your life.

2022 Virgo

Rating of the Year: “8 Points” out of 10

Signs with which you will relate best during the year: Taurus, Gemini, Aquarius

The most successful months of the year: March, April, October

The most careful months of the year: February, June, August

January: You start your new adventure with good news. If you’re craving a baby, this could be one of the first good news. You will mobilize everyone to help your social circle. You can be a pioneer of a movement.

February: You are in a month where some secrets are revealed and working conditions are changing. It is useful to be careful against health problems caused by stress. You shouldn’t let your obsessions control you.

March: You are refreshed and purified. In bilateral relations, your emotional side may outweigh. Keeping them inside can also tire you out. Don’t let that happen, focus on the good in seeing everything clearly. Follow the light that life shines on you.

April: It can be difficult to look on the bright side of what’s happened to you. But it changes, and as you change, you progress. Realizing this once will allow you to cast off all your fears. When you don’t want to leave the area you know and are happy with, you should try to think about what places you don’t know will add to you.

May: You receive the reward for your good intentions and correct stance this month. Your truth will come out on everything you’ve been accused of. That’s when you will realize the ones who are really with you and those who are not, and you will do the necessary elimination.

June: You can see that everything that you said should be resolved and completed, came true one by one. Feeling the support of your family and moving forward in this way makes you strong. Understanding what you have will get you better.

July: Your hobbies can cease to be hobbies and you can profit from it. You can do all your work accordingly. Business ventures can add color to the summer months. You’re pulling your skills and yourself out of hiding.

August: You may need to take care of your health. You should focus on joint and circulation problems. The weight of the working conditions will be pushing you. You should try to get some rest and gather strength for new beginnings. Don’t be afraid, there is nothing you want but can’t achieve.

September: Get ready to open your arms to love, this time the gaps may be filled. Trust and belief are your two important parameters and now is the time to act with them. There is someone you will say “here”, “here is the person with whom I can walk hand in hand and be happy”…

October: Are you ready for an active month? You will have to make a very high effort for your economic conditions. It may even be possible for you to get a new education for this. You can make a new start in your life from a place that you think is different and not suitable for you.

November: You are in a month where you will close the far away. This intimacy will be an intimacy towards oneself. You can change your environment or even the country. Life speeds you up. You achieve things you wouldn’t even believe in yourself. It creates the spiritual strength of your family and new friendships.

December: You are in lucky times. You may experience an end in your career, so you can make an important start. A business partnership outside of your plans and expectations can bring you a different hope. Before 2023, you are renewing everything and everyone, most of all yourself.

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Virgo Traits

According to the characteristics and personal characteristics of the zodiac signs, people can be better analyzed and behave accordingly. Libra zodiac signs, which are among these signs, come to the fore with their detailed structures that love to live. The luckiest day of Libra, ruled by Venus, is also known as Friday. Libra zodiac signs, which have an admired physical structure, give importance to every detail.

Virgo Physical Characteristics

The physical structure of people with Libra sign is highly appreciated. Their physical structures are extremely strong. Libras are generally tall and slender. They usually have brown hair. Skin tones are clear. Libras usually have a dark eye tone. Libras have a very strong metabolism. They do not gain weight easily. Libra people are liked by the people around them. Libra zodiac signs have a structure that is suitable for weight gain. That’s why most Libras can gain weight.

Virgo Personality Traits

Libra people are generally charming and attractive people. They are found attractive and fascinating by all. People with Libra sign, who stand out with their pleasant and energetic attitudes, are attracted by the people around them. Libras, who do not hesitate to argue, do not hesitate to defend their rights. Libras, who like to act rationally, generally like to make the right decisions. At the same time, Libras who love to struggle have a harmonious personality.

Virgo Weakness Traits

Even if Libra people believe that what they do is right, they always expect approval from authorized people. They only take action after receiving approval. Libra people can get sick easily, even if they mostly take care of themselves. Therefore, some health problems may occur. Libras that tend to overeat tend to gain weight. Libras can generally gain a lot of weight in their later years. Libras, who show careless attitudes about their health, have a structure that is suitable for being sick. Libra comes to the fore with its indecisive aspect. In addition, Libra, which stands out too objectively, is fragile.

Virgo Strong Features

Libra people generally do not like to argue. They act rationally and then declare their own victory. Libras generally continue to work until they reach their goal. He never gives up on his goals and purposes. Libra examines the environment he enters to the most detailed details and makes impressions about people. He has a wonderful balance in his head. It knows what is right and what is wrong and acts accordingly. Libra zodiac signs act with their minds in every matter. They find a rational way in every decision they make.

Virgo Good Traits

Libra people are generally friendly and affectionate. In addition, they act in a balanced and correct manner. In addition, Libras manage to be happy even in the most angry moments. People under this sign also love to work and learn new things. Libras, who love love and art, love to work in these areas. They take the right steps to enjoy life. Libras are generally smart, logical, and full of love. Libras work hard to achieve their dreams. Libra zodiac signs are generally known for their pro-compromise and polite features. Libras, who are fair in their relationships, act with their logic. Libras like order.

Virgo Bad Traits

Libra has a very high ego. He always thinks of himself first. They think of others after their own happiness. He doesn’t like other people giving advice to him. On the contrary, he quickly distances himself from those who try to give him ideas. It takes a lot of work to achieve Libra, which is a difficult person. People who think like them and make Libras feel valued make them happy. Libras generally do not pay attention to their health. Body structures are suitable for weight gain. For this reason, people with Libra should have hormone tests at regular intervals. Libras, who do not want to be caught in serious diseases in later ages, should take precautions to be healthy at an early age. Libras are also known for their indecisive and overly sensitive nature. In addition to being excessively pleasure-loving, they also have a weak will. The biggest feature of Libra is laziness.

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