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Taurus Sign Dates & Traits

(April 20 – May 20)


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Dear Taurus and those whose rising sign is Taurus, with your ruling planet Venus moving into Cancer, your communication with women, especially in your social circle, may attract attention. The financial and moral support you will see may facilitate your progress. You can build closer and more intimate relationships. You can cooperate with people you will meet through your family and start emotional relationships. The effect of the Moon Venus square can warn you to correctly determine the rate of sacrifice in relationships. Choose well who you trust.

Zodiac Signs Taurus

As of July 19th, your home life can be activated as Mercury and Sun enter Leo sign one after the other. You can learn what you don’t know about your family. While taking a stand according to what you will learn, you should not turn it into an obsession or a problem. The progress of things the way you want will depend on it. Issues related to changing houses and making arrangements in living spaces may come to the fore. You may want to open a new page. The value you give to yourself and your family can give you a chance to do better.

Chiron’s retrograde in Aries can bring your worries to light. You have to face the issues that you hide and run from. You may experience developments that you will see that this does not benefit you. Being aware of what you are going through is an important detail to get rid of them or to increase their effect. It is time to give yourself the support you give to others. Lead yourself.

Motivational Quote: “Every person has a sacred potential for a particular purpose.”

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Taurus Traits

Each zodiac sign has different characteristics. In particular, personality, physical and characteristic features of the signs are revealed according to the ruling planets. When you have information about the horoscope, it is possible to make more accurate approaches about people. At the same time, people born between April 21 and May 20 are Taurus. Taurus also has its own characteristics.

Taurus Physical Characteristics

Taurus people are generally short and strong. Taurus signs with a solid neck are known as dark-skinned and warm-eyed people. Taurus signs are generally dark and dark-skinned. Taurus signs with bushy and curly hair have a beautiful and attractive physical feature. Taurus women look very beautiful and well-groomed at a young age. Taurus signs can become much more beautiful in later ages.

Taurus Personality Traits

People with Taurus will decisively overcome all obstacles while advancing towards their goals. Taurus signs, which highlight their talents, come to the fore with their materialism. In individual relationships, they are known as extremely reliable people. Taurus signs, who love to earn money, work day and night to reach financial power by working hard in this context. With these aspects, their hard work comes to the fore. Taurus people are very skilled at investing. Therefore, they can make the right investments.

Taurus Weakness Traits

Taurus is known to be insatiable in general. Taurus, which aims to gain a significant financial gain, is also known to be overly fond of pleasure. Therefore, the bull sign enters into an important work for his pleasure. For this reason, he wants to buy products that will make him happy even while doing his shopping. With this habit of spending money, Taurus can also be extravagant in general. Because of his arrogance, Taurus does not want to get help from anyone.

Taurus Strong Features

Taurus is generally known as the strongest sign of the zodiac. For this reason, people with Taurus are known as reliable and solid. At the same time, people with Taurus can act with emotions and passions instead of logic. At the same time, Taurus people work hard to get what they want. For this reason, they are known for spending a lot of effort. Taurus people do not like to deal with things that do not make them happy and tire them. Taurus signs achieve their goals for their own happiness. Therefore, they can work day and night.

Taurus Good Traits

Taurus people are known to be helpful and compassionate. These people love helping people. Taurus zodiac signs also have many positive aspects. Especially Taurus zodiac signs have a durable and upright structure. No one can easily make them do something they don’t want to do. In addition, Taurus people who like to act rationally are known for being reliable. Taurus signs, who know how to be self-sufficient, come to the fore with their peaceful aspects. Taurus people, who are productive and patient, work hard to achieve what they want. They also have a balanced structure. Taurus signs have a very gentle nature. Taurus signs, known for their elegant and sensitive personalities in society, come to the fore with elegant and gentle people.

Taurus Bad Traits

Taurus people are known for their stubborn personalities. At the same time, Taurus people who read what they know are extremely jealous. Taurus signs, who are jealous of their loved ones, come to the fore with their jealousy in business and social life. Taurus signs, which are sometimes known for their solid aspects, often act slowly. Taurus people are generally stubborn and read what they know. Taurus signs, who can be extremely jealous, never like to be pushed to their limits. Taurus zodiac signs, which have a solid structure most of the time, do not like to be criticized. In addition, Taurus zodiac signs think primarily of themselves. Taurus, who can be arrogant, are called obsessive.

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