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(October 23 – November 21)


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Dear Scorpio and those whose rising sign is Scorpio, your outlook on life and your energy are changing with the course of Venus in Cancer. You can use your longing for the past in a good way. You focus on the shortcomings and needs of your life. Applying this in a constructive way will provide you financial and moral benefits. Legal issues, you can get positive results about your education life. The supportive aspect between Venus and Mars can pave the way for you to establish a new order in your daily life and make business changes. Evaluate the deals.

Zodiac Signs Scorpio

The Sun and Mercury move into Leo, making your business life quite active and lucrative. You are in a period where you will manage new projects, your responsibilities will change, and you will be noticed. There are many opportunities to win and advance. You can get rewards for your efforts with both financial returns and offers. During this time, your speeches and attitudes will be important. Be careful not to make promises you can’t keep. Because Mercury Mars square can test you a little bit at this point. You should take an attitude that you will not be wronged when you are right.

Chiron moving back to Aries can give you unexpected support regarding your working conditions. There may be positive developments related to the works that you cannot manage and complete correctly. Your efforts are visible. You should give yourself constructive criticism. This will be very important for both your mental and physical health. You can get rid of some of your health problems. You should continue your practices.

Motivational Quote: “The only difference between the impossible and the possible is a person’s degree of determination.”

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Scorpio Traits

Scorpio Physical Characteristics

The physical structures of people with the Scorpio sign are generally medium or taller. They have round faces and their hair is dark and wavy. The eyes of these people, whose eyes are incredibly attractive, are also very impressive. Scorpio people with very deep emotions have a very cool exterior. The sex hormones of Scorpio people work more than anyone else. Due to the electrical potential in their bodies, they always attract people in their environment.

Scorpio Personality Traits

People with Scorpio sign do not leave any work unfinished. People with the sign of Scorpio generally read their power from their eyes. Even if they try to keep their facial expressions under control, they can convey their love or hate with their gaze. People with the sign of Scorpio generally do not like people who are arrogant and self-righteous, and they try to show their place by humiliating them. People with Scorpio sign are generally people who read what they know and do not want to compromise. They are also extremely skeptical and do not believe easily. In their work, while they generally work with patience and care, they also do their work without showing off.

Scorpio Weakness Traits

The weakest aspects of Scorpio people are as follows.

Scorpio people are generally emotional and trust their loved ones unconditionally. They never hurt those they respect and say no.

People with the sign of Scorpio generally cannot give up their addictions easily. Generally speaking, Scorpio zodiac signs are very jealous in almost every subject, be it business life or love life.

Scorpio Strong Features

Scorpio people are one of the strongest and brightest signs of the zodiac. People born with this sign have a strong and independent character. These people set their own rules of life and never get in the way of others. People with Scorpio usually have incredible charisma, and they impress almost all the opposite sex with their great charm. In addition, people with Scorpio sign will achieve great success in business life. The highly intelligent Scorpio sign leads a successful business life and a successful private life.

Scorpio Good Traits

Among the good features of Scorpio, first of all, their reliable behavior comes. Scorpio is among the signs that love a certain stability in their daily life and progress in this direction. Because they do not want their life to be spoiled easily, people with Scorpio zodiac sign exhibit reliable behaviors while at the same time act very cautiously.

Among the good features of Scorpio, there is a possessive attitude and protecting and watching over the people around them and especially their loved ones. Contrary to what is known, Scorpio is a sensitive sign. Scorpio signs, who try to complete a given job as quickly as possible, are also known to be very loyal in their relationships. In general, people with Scorpio sign have good character.

Scorpio Bad Traits

Generally, Scorpio zodiac signs never admit their mistakes. This is one of the bad traits of Scorpio. Also, the Scorpio, who is not good at imposing their own thoughts, is always right.

People with Scorpio zodiac signs constantly scrutinize everything and constantly strive to get something out of every event.

They do not hesitate to take advantage of the material or spiritual resources of others or to pressure Scorpio zodiac signs to help them.

Finally, people with the sign of Scorpio generally have an insatiable desire for sexuality. This may lead to unfaithful relationships for some. Scorpio man, who is known to be very loyal in his love life, cannot be said to be very loyal from his sexual life.

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