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Sagittarius Yearly Horoscope

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(November 22 – December 21)


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Sagittarius and rising sign Sagittarius,

You are entering a period where you will say to yourself “now is the time” after 2021, which you have spent with crossroads that you have never seen before. You may be busy with many ideas, many people, many jobs. You can feel intensely the effects of what you go through throughout the year on your daily life. What did you expect from this life, what did you strive for, and what did you get in return? You shape your plans based on these questions. It may be your biggest and most realistic wish that this year, which you will want to spend with good surprises, is different for you than any other period.

You’re not only changing your scene, you’re changing your pitch as well.

When you think that looking at events and people from an optimistic point of view abuses you, everything that turns into the background will shed light on you. You realize where you need to be strategic and where you need to be assertive. You can make plans about your responsibilities and the time you will spare for yourself. Unexpected work environments and topics, collaborations may come to your agenda. If these plans are not in line with what you have thought before, you should consider how it will contribute to you instead of being uncomfortable with it. When you have something to learn, you don’t run away from it. But sometimes you just can’t be that enthusiastic. In 2022, this enthusiasm may leave its place to an intense pace.

Important job changes, projects may be in question. While trying to balance your life, we can say that one side will outweigh and this will be possible with great efforts. Being involved in works that are not in vain and that meet what you deserve will increase your enthusiasm. But don’t be in a hurry to see results that improve your comfort, mental and physical health. You bring order to your life. You are in a year where you need to be good to your body to support this order. Try to be someone who is not inactive but tries to let go a little bit. Just doing your part can offer you more than you expected.

You undermine the concept of family.

Your ruling planet, Jupiter, can make you deal with the family theme frequently after you move into Pisces. Where and what kind of family you want to live in, the sacrifice you will make for them, and the issues you are owed are among the important agendas of this year. You may have issues related to buying and selling, important opportunities may arise for yourself or your family, and you may experience developments that will improve your relations and conditions. You reach the comfort of the disembodied space, you are healed. Especially the first half of the year can be quite active in this sense. You can have a physically more spacious and bigger house. You may feel very excited to find a space of your own, share and equip it to your heart’s content. All of this can bring significant business changes to support this situation. You are proving yourself. Maybe you will work hard and get tired. But when you consider that you will receive your awards at the same rate, one or more job opportunities and people who work for you will make this year a fruitful one for you.

Let your ideas and relationships be on the same side, not against each other.

Your opposite sign Gemini will welcome Mars for a significant part of the year. This will affect your life as a heavy human traffic. We can say that you are waiting for very active days about getting someone into your life, benefiting from their ideas, and explaining your own ideas to them. You are open to all kinds of signatures, agreements, friendships and emotional and commercial relations. Situations such as easy understanding and knowledge of too many subjects may come to light too much. When there is a person or a job that interests you, it will not be difficult for you to turn to it. However, this will not always work well as you will know a lot of people and end up in the middle of many relationships. You should also prepare yourself for negative experiences. Whether your words turn into a weapon is directly proportional to your self-control. While it may seem like you have many reasons to get involved in a fight with your tongue without raising your hand, you shouldn’t be paying any attention to it. If you can turn this skill, versatility and knowledge in the right direction, all the relationships you will establish can make significant contributions to your life.

2022 Sagittarius

Rating of the Year: “8 Points” out of 10

Signs with which you will relate best during the year: Taurus, Scorpio and Sagittarius

The most successful months of the year: May, July, November

The most careful months of the year: August, October

Sagittarius annual goal planning by month

January: you will find it difficult to stay in financial balance. You cannot deal with your fears while investing. You are looking for financial security in life. Unexpected surprises in your love life or some oppressive aspects in your marriage life may tire you.

February: you are preparing an itinerary. You will want to be alone and enjoy the freedom. In the second half of February, you will have emotional intensity. Get ready for big surprises in your love life.

March: You are renewing this month. You will have the power to take action by getting emotional support on the issues you are tired. Completion and renewal affect you deeply and change your outlook on life all over again.

April: Your visibility increases. Your physical energy is rising. Your activity and high performance will surprise everyone. You will not interrupt your routine checks to control your immunity and hormonal balance.

May: It will tire you spiritually. Your unchanging behavior will be slammed in your face. You are now transitioning into the acceptance phase. You are removing your boundaries.

June: You start with self-awareness. By accepting the demands of your responsibilities, you will now look at life with maturity.

July: You will get an imprint on your ID. Your social circle and relatives may want to take advantage of you financially and may want to use your goodwill. You should reevaluate trust.

August: You complete your education life. After your intense and tiring education life, you will get answers to your job applications in a short time, and you will make a quick entry into working life.

September: You may need to take care of your family. They will seek support from you for their health checks and spiritual needs.

October: The cyclical month of completion. You will say hello to a new life by overcoming your spiritual and physical subconscious problems.

November: You will have the meaning of what it really means to be productive. It will be difficult to cope with the life tests that come your way. You will be regular.

December: you start a new relationship. You will express your feelings through your communication. In order not to lose your self-confidence, you should share your feelings.

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Sagittarius Traits

Sagittarius are the signs that are most fond of freedom with their independent spirits and love to travel the most. Sagittarius, which adds color to our lives with their adventurous spirit, is a difficult sign to follow with their active life tempo. Sagittarius people, whose energy cannot be reached, are appreciated in the society for their helpful and friendly behavior. Understanding springs that are open to innovations requires getting to know their features closely.

Sagittarius Physical Characteristics

Sagittarius people are attractive, uniquely beautiful people with attractive facial features, brown hair and pink-white skin colors. They have a fit appearance with their thin and lean bodies. If they do not pay attention to their diet and do not exercise regularly, they may begin to lose these physical characteristics at an early age. They have a bright and admired smile.

Sagittarius Personality Traits

They are people who can act excited and sometimes carelessly in their youth. However, being able to learn from the past is one of the most important personal characteristics. They like to act rationally. Grip skills are highly developed. They achieve success in every job they do with their practical intelligence and skillful structure. They shed light on the people around them with their optimistic life philosophies. Sometimes they can surprise you with their impulsive and tactless words and actions. His curiosity for the unknown leads him to research. Versatile springs can deal with several things at once.

Sagittarius Weakness Traits

Sagittarius people are very impatient people. They want the things they want to happen immediately, it is not for them to wait for a long time. Sometimes, his impatient behavior can cause the people around him to get nervous and constantly have to give them morale. Their indiscretions are among their weaknesses, as it sometimes makes them repulsive and offensive in their environments. Sometimes making promises he can never keep is one of his weaknesses. Another weak feature is that they can make rude speeches.

Sagittarius Strong Features

Sagittarius people are sociable and communicative people. Sagittarius signs, who love social life very much, do not hesitate to make new breakthroughs with their brave nature. Their temperament, which can take risks, can elevate them to higher positions and conditions. However, they do not cease to act with their logic. They are generous people. They enjoy helping people and sharing. With their idealistic structure, they do not have difficulty in reaching their goals.

Sagittarius Good Traits

Sagittarius people love to travel and meet new people. Their innovative perspectives often make them leaders in society. Honest Sagittarians are people who are trusted with their words and actions. They value friendships. They are optimistic people who love to do good and work to be beneficial to their loved ones and all people living in the community. Benevolent Sagittarius are exemplified by their generous nature.

Sagittarius Bad Traits

Sagittarius can be argumentative at times. Being able to speak without courtesy stands out among their negative traits. Their careless attitude can sometimes disturb the people they love. Among the negative traits of Sagittarius are their keen interest in preaching, their strangeness, and their self-confident demeanor.

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