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Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

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(November 22 – December 21)


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Dear Sagittarius and ascendant Sagittarius, Venus’ movement in Cancer may bring you some financial mobility. It may be possible for you to increase your additional income, meet new jobs and opportunities. You can collect your receivables and prevent economic problems with the support you will receive from your family and spouse. Your bank and credit transactions may result in positive results. Your self-confidence and motivation increase. This will give you opportunities to realize your financial expectations. However, you should use these opportunities appropriately, taking into account the Venus Jupiter square. It’s a good idea to think twice before taking big payments and risks.

Zodiac Signs Sagittarius

The Sun and Mercury move into Leo. This gives you the opportunity to meet and break some of your prejudices. The developments you witness in the environment you live in can bring you a different perspective. At the same time, your experiences can affect others. You can be someone whose ideas are consulted and whose work is followed. You are taking long-term steps. Your work related to city change, moving and establishing a permanent order is accelerating.

Chiron’s retrograde in Aries can intensify your thoughts about proving yourself. You should not think that what you have done is not enough, that the whole burden is on you. Accepting what is and living in line with the possibilities and skills you have can bring you greater advantages than you can imagine. Staying calm will be your greatest guide.

Motivational Quote: “Open your eyes and see what you can do with them before they close forever.”

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Sagittarius Traits

Sagittarius are the signs that are most fond of freedom with their independent spirits and love to travel the most. Sagittarius, which adds color to our lives with their adventurous spirit, is a difficult sign to follow with their active life tempo. Sagittarius people, whose energy cannot be reached, are appreciated in the society for their helpful and friendly behavior. Understanding springs that are open to innovations requires getting to know their features closely.

Sagittarius Physical Characteristics

Sagittarius people are attractive, uniquely beautiful people with attractive facial features, brown hair and pink-white skin colors. They have a fit appearance with their thin and lean bodies. If they do not pay attention to their diet and do not exercise regularly, they may begin to lose these physical characteristics at an early age. They have a bright and admired smile.

Sagittarius Personality Traits

They are people who can act excited and sometimes carelessly in their youth. However, being able to learn from the past is one of the most important personal characteristics. They like to act rationally. Grip skills are highly developed. They achieve success in every job they do with their practical intelligence and skillful structure. They shed light on the people around them with their optimistic life philosophies. Sometimes they can surprise you with their impulsive and tactless words and actions. His curiosity for the unknown leads him to research. Versatile springs can deal with several things at once.

Sagittarius Weakness Traits

Sagittarius people are very impatient people. They want the things they want to happen immediately, it is not for them to wait for a long time. Sometimes, his impatient behavior can cause the people around him to get nervous and constantly have to give them morale. Their indiscretions are among their weaknesses, as it sometimes makes them repulsive and offensive in their environments. Sometimes making promises he can never keep is one of his weaknesses. Another weak feature is that they can make rude speeches.

Sagittarius Strong Features

Sagittarius people are sociable and communicative people. Sagittarius signs, who love social life very much, do not hesitate to make new breakthroughs with their brave nature. Their temperament, which can take risks, can elevate them to higher positions and conditions. However, they do not cease to act with their logic. They are generous people. They enjoy helping people and sharing. With their idealistic structure, they do not have difficulty in reaching their goals.

Sagittarius Good Traits

Sagittarius people love to travel and meet new people. Their innovative perspectives often make them leaders in society. Honest Sagittarians are people who are trusted with their words and actions. They value friendships. They are optimistic people who love to do good and work to be beneficial to their loved ones and all people living in the community. Benevolent Sagittarius are exemplified by their generous nature.

Sagittarius Bad Traits

Sagittarius can be argumentative at times. Being able to speak without courtesy stands out among their negative traits. Their careless attitude can sometimes disturb the people they love. Among the negative traits of Sagittarius are their keen interest in preaching, their strangeness, and their self-confident demeanor.

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