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Dear Pisces and Pisces ascendant,

The year 2022 will be a year when things go right and you complete the unfinished things. You start the year with the planet Jupiter moving in Pisces. Especially in 2021, if there are issues that are left unfinished, not completed or that you think you missed as an opportunity between May and July, you will have real encounters with them this month, especially in January. You can consider January as a compensation period. Of course, it will be very important for you to read and accept these opportunities. The year 2022 is a special year in which you have succeeded in achieving your real goals and wishes.

Are you ready for big change? Get ready for country, city and location changes!

Maybe you will change the country, maybe the address, maybe the city change, but we can say that there is a real and radical change in your life. The fact that the planet Jupiter moves in Pisces until May and then moves into your second house of money, indicates that your financial and financial issues will be on your agenda after May.

There may be a period in which you will probably decide to sell something you will sell, which we will evaluate your earnings, and decide to move to another city, but of course, it is useful to remember the Jupiter retrograde this year. Around November 23, the planet’s tension will switch to Pisces again, and in this context, it can be explained as the completion of a very important and fateful cycle for you. You should choose to stand behind the decisions you make during these times and be patient.

Great beginnings in March in relationships!

The New Moon in Pisces, which will take place on March 2 in March, will bring a big turning point in your life. If you are married, you may experience important developments related to this place. If you are single, issues related to your relationships or new proposals may come up. During these periods, discussions about partnership and marriage may come to your agenda. Especially at these times, you can complete with the New Moon in Pisces, which will take place on September 10, 2022, which you started.

Don’t be disappointed if the planet Mars stays in Gemini for more than 4 months!

The fact that the planet Mars is in Gemini after August 20 and retrograde around October 30 shows that the second half of the year is very important for you. You can put the people around you to the reality test and maybe get a rematch of the disappointments you have experienced in the past. In this period, you should never be hopeless, get up, shake it off and come to yourself. Never hold on to despair, you will see that everything has an account and that the people who hurt you are really upset now. The way of people who accumulate goodness in their hearts is always open, never avoid this philosophy in this period.

Some support you will receive from your family members or close friends, or your decision to leave here may be on your agenda. Moving or relocation will be one of the most important decisions you will make in 2022. You are very afraid of this change and you are worried that what you will do will have greater results for you, but be brave, if you have a really solid knowledge and your self-confidence is high, you will overcome this and embrace this big change.

Marriage decision or change of status will be your most important issue this year!

Especially the relationships that started between May and July 2021, or the unfinished relationships, such as marriage in 2022, or unfinished partnerships, will bring the opportunity to complete unfinished career stories. It may not be easy to evaluate them, you may feel some concerns, some problems, but they are not long-term.

Neptune and Jupiter conjunction, which will take place in your sign, brings great luck and great opportunity in front of us in April. Hold on tight to this and be ready for this change. You’re either getting promoted in your career, getting married, or changing countries, but be prepared to embrace the big change in your life. Over the past two years, you have faced issues that you have been very tired of and were not understood emotionally. Now you are walking towards your dreams, there is very little time left to realize that big dream, you want to live a meaningful life with less things and you are achieving it this year.

2022 Pisces

Rating of the Year: “8 Points” out of 10

Signs with which you will relate best during the year: Taurus, Scorpio and Sagittarius

The most successful months of the year: April, May, July,

The most careful months of the year: February, March, October

January: your social relations are your main agenda. You may experience tense times due to unexpected issues with your friends and team members you work with. Jealousy can be the architect of success. Don’t be a target.

February: You will want to act independently. Being away from your social circle causes you to be ignorant about many issues.

March: There is talk of your bilateral relations and your meticulousness. While being sensitive, you should stay away from obsessive emotional attachments.

April: Your claims are reopened. Since the amounts due are not paid on time, you have no other choice. Building financial trust can become your main goal. You will have a new commercial activity with your siblings.

May: Education will be important to your life. You are within a month of making money. You may experience emotional confusion between completing and procrastinating. In the second week of May, your probability of moving increases. You need a big change to start over.

June: A period in which you reevaluate your future goals. You will have attempts to make your environment understand how important ethical rules are. You will enjoy living in the moment instead of seeking trust in the spiritual bond you have established with your partner.

July: Determines your status in groups. Your success and prestige will carry you forward. Every product you produce will have a trace of your excellent work. You can get rewarded for your sacrifices.

August: This month can be one of the cramped months. Advance yourself on the facts whenever possible. Being alone will be your biggest choice. Family pressure, mental fatigue, all overlapping will also affect your physical energy.

September: You may be starting a new relationship. You are firmly connected to life again with an understanding and loving togetherness. An old relationship may come to the fore this month.

October: May be a month with some financial risks. When you want to move fast, you may not notice the details. You cannot manage your passions in the second week of October. Your emotional emptiness can push you to make mistakes. Be patient.

November: It is the month of communication for you. You are completely changing the way you communicate. You will take steps to restructure your information network.

December: Your family responsibilities come first. You may need to push yourself into the background. Your friends and colleagues are lining up to join you. You will close the year with your relationships going in the positive direction.

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Pisces Traits

Pisces, which is generally known for its meekness and is the water group, are people born between February 19 and March 20.

Pisces Physical Characteristics

Pisces people with fish meat have short arms and legs. They have pale skin, light or dark brown eyes, and sleepy drowsy eyes. These people generally tend to gain weight. As the age progresses, the forehead part of these people opens and starts to whiten from the temples. Their eyes are always moist because they cry a lot about almost every issue. Because it is very emotional.

Pisces Personality Traits

Pisces people are generally patient, open-handed and sensitive people. These people always have great persuasion skills. They are honest, loyal, conscientious and docile. They can easily adapt to any environment. They often live in fantasy worlds. Their views on life are serious but unrealistic. People with Pisces are the people who are most affected by external factors among other zodiac signs. They are very happy in the dream world. But they are smarter and more cunning than one might think. Covering his nervous nature with a secret calmness, Pisces dreams of being the special person chosen by everyone. Life is often frightening and scary for them.

Pisces Weakness Traits

According to astrological researches that have been done for years, people with Pisces are always the people with the majority of suicide cases. It has been determined that the people who go to psychologists the most are fish people. For this reason, the weakest aspect of Pisces is undoubtedly that it is immediately affected by the events and feels bad. The winter season is also very difficult for the fish. The fact that they catch a cold very quickly causes them to spend the whole season with a handkerchief.

Pisces Strong Features

One of the strengths of the Pisces man is to be able to empathize. In fact, a very strong personality underlies their fragile and sensitive images. They dry their tears in a short time, and they throw their handkerchiefs aside and find themselves in a new life. Even if they experience emotional disappointments, it is never enough for them to give up, and they complete their life with their memories together with a lot of unfinished love. Also, Pisces people have a very calm nature.

Pisces Good Traits

Among the good aspects of Pisces is their ability to empathize first. This empathic Pisces is very quickly affected by the energy or thoughts of the people around him.

Among the good traits of Pisces people is that they are accepting. The accepting nature of Pisces people supports their easy adaptation to almost any environment. But this can be a tiring situation for him sometimes. The calm nature of Pisces people is another good feature of them. Thus, they stay away from fighting and lead a quieter life.

Pisces Bad Traits

Pisces people, whose nerves are sensitive and wear out very quickly, are also vulnerable to alcohol and drugs. They can take shelter in such things at every opportunity. It is generally the most melancholic sign of the Zodiac. If they have any problems that they are obsessed with, they live very disconnected from their environment.

Constant insomnia is one of the bad traits of Pisces. The most well-known trait of Pisces is its vulnerability. Pisces people can be overly sensitive to certain events. The fragile nature of these people causes them to get upset very quickly. Another bad side of Pisces is being undisciplined. Generally, Pisces are driven by their emotions. Changes in their emotions affect their whole life. Pisces can never manage to stay neutral in the events experienced, so being biased is among the bad aspects of Pisces.

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