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(January 20 – February 18)


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Aquarius and ascendant Aquarius,

You have been going through a very challenging process since March 2020, maybe you have encountered more difficulties or obstacles in your life than you ever expected. Many Aquarius have had to divorce, many Aquarius have had to leave. There were those who got sick and those who had accidents. Although this process may seem quite challenging, you are leaving it behind now.

We can say that 2022 is a year when they make the life they put in their pockets more meaningful, they know what they really want, and most importantly, they know better what they don’t want, they open a brand new page, they leave behind everything that hurt them in the past. In 2022, Saturn will continue its movement in Aquarius. Saturn Uranus square will continue to reduce its influence all year long. April and May will be the times when you move more comfortably and the pressure is a little less.

On June 5, Saturn goes retrograde in Aquarius.

Saturn retrograde until October 23 will bring you the chance to re-evaluate the jobs you have not completed since the past years and the opportunities you missed. This process will now present you with the decision of what you really want and which formation you should be in.

Overseas, education and projects are increasing.

You will be in a period where you need to invest a little more in yourself. You will also realize this in the developing process. It can be said that every step you take for your career and financial situation during this period is open to bring very positive success for your future.

This year’s key: Get rid of everything that doesn’t serve you.

Since March 2020, there hasn’t been anyone you haven’t eliminated from your circle. The obstacles you encounter will help you draw your own boundaries and put an end to your conflicting ideas. Every challenge is actually a period of growth. That’s why you have to manage to overcome such situations very decisively. You have to make your own beliefs and desires visible. The things you believe in now become concrete and clear. You are no longer dependent on the beliefs or judgments of others. To get rid of all this, you need good preparation.

You must choose a true education and dedicate yourself to it. One has to train and develop himself. This year, you will experience the dissolution of what you want to do with your career and which path you want to be on. Blaming the world, complaining about low-energy people around you, or trying to justify yourself are not appropriate situations. You should not fall into any of these traps this year. Your family life and responsibilities will be very important.

Be prepared for city or country changes in February, March and December!

These may be times when you see the most oppressive aspects of your life. During these periods, you can be drawn into changes. This year will not be as difficult as last year. Because now you are more clear with whom you want to live and where you want to be.

It may be possible for someone who has left your life for any reason to come back.

The most important aspect of the year for you will be your two ruling planets continuing to square each other. The conflict between the modern ruler Uranus and the traditional ruler Saturn will drag you out of all your usual situations. The real reality that is important to you will be not to lose your own essence. Let go of the things that hurt you.

Lunar Nodes sign change on January 19th will recalculate your route.

The horoscope change of the Lunar Nodes will bring opportunities to change the issues that tire you here, whatever you have experienced between May 2018 and October 2019. Or you can get revenge for the injustices you have suffered here. Although disappointment is not something that can be easily forgotten, it is a great strength to be able to always prioritize compassion and forgiveness. You are experiencing this as well.

You leave all the difficulties behind with the April 30 Taurus Solar Eclipse!

The Solar and Lunar Eclipses that you will experience this year will increase your responsibilities and put you on a new path of metamorphosis. Maybe it can promise to have a child while bringing about a move or a change of place. In particular, these eclipses may strongly bring up issues such as your marriage or separation. You may be drawn into decisions such as having a child or in vitro fertilization.

The first Mercury Retrograde of the year is in your sign!

Due to Mercury retrograde in your sign between January 14 and February 4, it may be possible to end some relationships or encounter some obstacles. These should make reassessments instead of taking action financially. If important financial decisions need to be made during these times, take extra care than usual. You should not be too harsh when making a decision in your relationships.

2022 Aquarius

Rating of the Year: “8 Points” out of 10

The zodiac signs with which you will relate best during the year: Taurus, Sagittarius, Cancer

The most successful months of the year: January, May, July,

The most careful months of the year: February, June,

January: You are moving due to your job conditions. You are starting a new life by leaving behind everything that is past and outdated.

February: A candidate to be your month. Your bilateral relations come to life. You will act with high motivation while your love life is colored.

March: You will have financial intensity. You start researching new resources to evaluate your financial investments.

April: Your communication is gaining momentum. You will receive the support of your close circle in your bilateral relations. A new branch is added to your education life.

May: You are starting a family. By moving your relationship forward, you will unite your future on a common ground. You will reshape your life and find some reasons. This month will be a turning point for you.

June: You meet a new social circle. You will be mentioned by your successes in your career. You will rely on personal efficiency to gather your daily routines.

July: You may have to run some privacy events. It will be a period of time to learn about hidden issues, the behaviors that push you to loneliness, and the background issues about your life.

August: Your self-awareness will make its mark. You will make an effort to create a new self by taking action on your bilateral relations, your character that you reflect on the environment.

September: Your financial gains are increasing. You should choose systematic progress so that you do not experience trust issues. You can establish long-distance friendships and get support from relationships that you have not met face to face.

October: You will have active dialogues in your close circle communication. Do not act without thinking. You will gain a new standard in your career life. The change in your goals prepares you for a new lane.

November: You will see the real faces of your relatives. People with whom you establish family bonds can create disappointments. Please be honest and open here.

December: Tensions in your love life come to an end. Hope and happiness will be with you. You should engage in dialogues by paying attention to a calm communication language. Your visibility in front of the screen increases.

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Aquarius Traits

Shown among the smartest signs, Aquarius is one of the most remarkable signs of the air group. Known for their fondness for their freedom, Aquarius gains great appreciation for their intellectual perspectives in the environments they enter. It is not surprising that many famous scientists have belonged to this sign throughout history. With their innovative structures, buckets are one of the most effective signs in their journey of discovery towards the unknown. Being useful to society and humanity is an integral part of their temperament.

Aquarius Physical Characteristics

in Aquarius; A medium and tall stature, a curvaceous body, light blond hair, dark eyes are the most prominent features. Aquarius women’s faces are extremely beautiful and they care about their beauty and do not neglect their care. They take care of themselves until they get old. Aquarius, whose metabolism is sensitive, tend to be treated with natural remedies. They are interested in alternative methods such as acupuncture and bioenergy. Exercising helps Aquarius people to have a fit body.

Aquarius Personality Traits

Aquarius, who are fond of their freedom, have an unlimited imagination. Rational and intuitive, Aquarius carries out very successful projects in the fields of science and art, together with their imagination. Although they sometimes anger people with their headstrong attitudes, it cannot be ignored that they reach surprising results with their structure that does not deviate from what they know. Aquarius zodiac signs are helpful, smiling and loving people. They do not discriminate between people, they want everyone to have the same standard of living. Well-meaning Aquarius are sometimes stubborn. They have difficulties in family life because of their free spirit.

Aquarius Weakness Traits

With their fixed-minded, curious, arrogant and attention-loving nature, Aquarius can show weakness in the society and family, with their words and behaviors, because they sometimes get carried away with these habits. Although they are a logical sign, their rich imaginations and fragile inner worlds sometimes upset them and cause them to wear out psychologically. When they chase impossible dreams, it can negatively affect them and their environment as wasted time.

Aquarius Strong Features

Aquarius signs are a sign that acting with logic rather than emotions guided by the mind makes itself strong in most areas. The strength of their loving and humane aspects is among the most effective features of the people of this sign in leading the society. It is not difficult to love these smart and loving people. Their charismatic appearance is another strength that increases their influence on people.

Aquarius Good Traits

Aquarius people are not selfish. They are generous people who like to share with people. Being social also allows them to be observed that they are fun and humorous people. It is possible to chat and have a pleasant time with Aquarius signs. Buckets with high human values ​​are admired for their common sense words and actions. They have high empathy skills. They are friendly.

Aquarius Bad Traits

Among the negative traits of Aquarius, it is one of the most prominent to be frivolous. Being too fond of entertainment can sometimes lead to long-term relationships and difficulty in connecting with the person he loves. He has a rebellious nature. This is reflected in his behavior and words. Contrary to traditional life and rules can sometimes be called a negative behavior. His arrogant and tactless attitudes are also among the negative features that have been criticized.

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