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Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

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(January 20 – February 18)


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Dear Aquarius and rising sign Aquarius, you are under positive influences in your work environment and responsibilities with Venus moving into Cancer. You will enter a process where you will both put your affairs in order and get the reward of your efforts. Job interviews, conversations with your superiors, and your financial expectations may result in positive results. You should put forward your wishes in matters such as promotion, regulation, status change. You may receive good news about your health. You are rewarded.

Zodiac Signs Aquarius

With the Sun and Mercury moving into Leo, your relationships may be on your agenda. You can attract attention and take important initiatives emotionally. You may feel yourself at a decision stage. While doing this, it is beneficial to act not only by considering your own wishes and expectations, but also by considering the other side. New contracts, agreements and partnerships may be involved. You can work on issues that will have an important place in your life.

With Chiron’s retrograde movement in Aries, you can receive the feedback of the support you have given to your environment and the cooperation you have established. At the points where you feel unresolved, you may realize that the solution lies in yourself, in your work and in the people you interview. Choose to trust your ideas.

Motivational Quote: “It’s not the distance that matters, it’s the ability to take the first step.”

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Aquarius Traits

Shown among the smartest signs, Aquarius is one of the most remarkable signs of the air group. Known for their fondness for their freedom, Aquarius gains great appreciation for their intellectual perspectives in the environments they enter. It is not surprising that many famous scientists have belonged to this sign throughout history. With their innovative structures, buckets are one of the most effective signs in their journey of discovery towards the unknown. Being useful to society and humanity is an integral part of their temperament.

Aquarius Physical Characteristics

in Aquarius; A medium and tall stature, a curvaceous body, light blond hair, dark eyes are the most prominent features. Aquarius women’s faces are extremely beautiful and they care about their beauty and do not neglect their care. They take care of themselves until they get old. Aquarius, whose metabolism is sensitive, tend to be treated with natural remedies. They are interested in alternative methods such as acupuncture and bioenergy. Exercising helps Aquarius people to have a fit body.

Aquarius Personality Traits

Aquarius, who are fond of their freedom, have an unlimited imagination. Rational and intuitive, Aquarius carries out very successful projects in the fields of science and art, together with their imagination. Although they sometimes anger people with their headstrong attitudes, it cannot be ignored that they reach surprising results with their structure that does not deviate from what they know. Aquarius zodiac signs are helpful, smiling and loving people. They do not discriminate between people, they want everyone to have the same standard of living. Well-meaning Aquarius are sometimes stubborn. They have difficulties in family life because of their free spirit.

Aquarius Weakness Traits

With their fixed-minded, curious, arrogant and attention-loving nature, Aquarius can show weakness in the society and family, with their words and behaviors, because they sometimes get carried away with these habits. Although they are a logical sign, their rich imaginations and fragile inner worlds sometimes upset them and cause them to wear out psychologically. When they chase impossible dreams, it can negatively affect them and their environment as wasted time.

Aquarius Strong Features

Aquarius signs are a sign that acting with logic rather than emotions guided by the mind makes itself strong in most areas. The strength of their loving and humane aspects is among the most effective features of the people of this sign in leading the society. It is not difficult to love these smart and loving people. Their charismatic appearance is another strength that increases their influence on people.

Aquarius Good Traits

Aquarius people are not selfish. They are generous people who like to share with people. Being social also allows them to be observed that they are fun and humorous people. It is possible to chat and have a pleasant time with Aquarius signs. Buckets with high human values ​​are admired for their common sense words and actions. They have high empathy skills. They are friendly.

Aquarius Bad Traits

Among the negative traits of Aquarius, it is one of the most prominent to be frivolous. Being too fond of entertainment can sometimes lead to long-term relationships and difficulty in connecting with the person he loves. He has a rebellious nature. This is reflected in his behavior and words. Contrary to traditional life and rules can sometimes be called a negative behavior. His arrogant and tactless attitudes are also among the negative features that have been criticized.

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