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Taurus Horoscope 2022

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We are starting 2022 with Venus Retrograde. Venus will be in retrograde until February 7th. Since your zodiac sign’s ruling planet is Venus, you may be one of the zodiac signs most affected by this retrograde period. Dreams, plans and goals for the future will be more important and at the forefront than ever before. You will question your future and you will realize that the desire to see your future increases. Past relationships, old issues in relationships may resurface during this period. He/she can receive news, meet or meet again from people far away. In your marriage plans, postponed celebrations may take place on these dates. However, there may be rearrangements, changes in plans and dates in marriage plans on these dates.

Moving into Pisces on December 29, 2021, Jupiter will stay here until May 11. During this transit, dreams, hopes and wishes will become important and you will need to decide what you want out of life. Because in this period, you can attract your wishes and wishes to your life faster, and you may encounter situations that you see as impossible. You can be in big partnerships in financial matters, projects on big ventures. You can earn significant money through social media. As your friends and social circles expand, the environments you enter will give you new perspectives.

On May 11, Jupiter will move from Pisces to Aries. It will travel in this sign until October 28. With the effects of this transit on your horoscope, unplanned or sudden overseas travels may come to your agenda. This may work for some of you regarding training. You may enter a brand new education process, and graduation and completion may be in question in your extended education. During the period, you should be more careful about vehicle-related accidents, malfunctions in technological devices, stolen and lost situations, and fraud. It’s time to think twice and act. Be more discreet on borrowing agendas.

On April 30, a Solar Eclipse takes place in Taurus. On and around this date, you can make important changes to your external appearance. You can undergo operations that you have not dared for a while, and receive support for both health and aesthetic purposes. You are in a process where self-confidence and deciding what you want is much more important. A clear and confident stance in your relationships can bring your wishes to yourself and attract your wishes into your life. At the same time, the state of gratitude and thanks makes the energy of abundance and fertility more powerful in your life.

From May 10 to June 4, Mercury goes retrograde in Gemini. He will talk about short-term, small and piecemeal spending increases during the retro period. You will question your wishes in different areas of your life and you will undergo an internal questioning. Focus on better understanding where you need to be flexible and where you need to be stable. Watch out for property damage accidents. You can buy a short-term training or take a short-term trip.

In July and August, we will be experiencing the effects of the conjunction between the North Node, Mars and Uranus. In these months, your issues that have come to the fore in and around April can be put into practice or are in the process of being completed. During the summer months, your long-standing order and routine regarding your life may suddenly deteriorate and change. You may find yourself in a completely different, unexpected order. This process can involve long-term singles, especially those who have been single, into thriving, strong relationships. A quick marriage decision can be made. In these days of having a child, increasing fertility and increasing the potential for pregnancy, you can decide to get married with the news of pregnancy or get news of pregnancy within marriage.

Jupiter returns to Pisces on October 28 and stays there until December 20. During this period, he will go over the topics of the previous Pisces trip and give you the last chance to complete any unfinished situations. You can take some drug treatments related to your health and have a short-term operation. It can be a process where you can gain and lose weight more frequently and gain and lose weight.

On October 31, Mars begins retrograde and will be ending its retrograde in January 2023. With Mars’ retrograde movement, a process will begin where your financial plans and money management will change. For those who do project-based work, this period may bring more than one business and project to the agenda. For those who do sales-based business, small innovations and changes can increase sales and with it earnings. You are in a period when you need to review your material-spiritual sacrifices in your relationships, and not to engage in unlimited sacrifices and giving. Moving issues can arise suddenly on these dates, and this process can accelerate money outflows. In this process, where money will come and go, do not go into panic mode and try to stay conscious of abundance.

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