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Scorpio Horoscope 2022

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Scorpio and rising sign Scorpio,

You may feel that a new path is needed in your life. This year is the year of great transformation for you. You will experience all eclipses in your own sign. Experiencing a solar eclipse in a person’s life means the most important leap period of his life. Get ready to experience the biggest changes in your life, especially if you were born on November 8 and October 25. You have a year ahead of you where you will see that this feeling is not in vain. The fact that the lunar nodes will be on the Taurus-Scorpio line as of January 2022 brings with it important decisions. But no matter what, your agenda and priority will be yourself.

The sky is telling you to care about yourself and the impressions you make. Therefore, your most important occupation during this period is your efforts to improve your ideas, your wardrobe and your perspective on life. At this point, you are on the verge of making many radical decisions. When you take one more step from that threshold, you can witness what is really necessary for you. You are paving the way for everything that has tired you, suffocated, stopped and hindered something in the past. If you start to think that you should not dwell on some calculations anymore and you have plans for this, do not be afraid to implement them. Throw your fears to one side and your prejudices to the other and now pave your own path.

Your relationships are completely renewing your life.

On April 30, the first solar eclipse of the year takes place in Taurus. If they ask what is the day that makes 2022 a turning point, you will be able to give this date without thinking. You may think that you are ready for emotional partnerships and business partnerships. You are convinced that the ground and circumstances are in your favour. Because you have shown the effort of all these yourself. You must continue this effort. Already in the process, the new state of yourself and everything you have achieved in this way will stimulate you for the future.

As a matter of fact, November 8, 2022 is now the final line in this regard. You include people in your life who support and sustain your soul, your home, your purse. The support you will receive from Uranus can sometimes even surprise you. You should design your plans, especially all of your money-related work, with this possibility in mind. You can get what you pay for your hard work financially. Whether this is more or less will depend entirely on your attitudes. Your achievements give you strength. However, moving forward without turning it into a power poisoning may be the most critical detail of this year. You should pay attention to your relationships with people who contribute to your life and your sharing with these people.

You approach life with the right expectations!

You can dwell a lot on your feelings and their reflections on your life. Knowing what you really want, being aware of yourself will allow you to stretch some boundaries. Eclipses in your sign and the back and forth movements of Mercury may lead you to some questions in this sense. You are passionate. But when you can’t experience this, everything becomes complicated for you. You learn that the way to solve this confusion is through your wishes and the way you want. You can change your mind about where to give up control and where to take it. These changes will please you. What’s more, it may even make you wonder why you’re waiting to change it so far. You look at yourself and the people around you from a different perspective, and you understand that you need to give a chance to a life with high standards and passion.

Jupiter in Pisces will support you at this point of luck. All the conditions necessary for you to be happy are ready. You can take refuge in your talents and interests. This asylum may hold important opportunities to get you out of your shell. If you evaluate it correctly, it is even possible to establish a new financial resource! The most important support will be coming to matters of the heart. If you are alone, you may meet during the year that will end this situation. Meeting and sharing with people with whom you will interact emotionally will make you feel happy. As the irresistible self-confidence of taking a chance and opening your heart will make you visible in your social circle, you can also expand the paths to your goal. If you are a Scorpio with children, you may be working towards their life and future goals. You can come up with ideas that will enable them to find themselves and discover their talents.

The course of Mars paves the way for you to reach yourself.

Your ruling planet Mars will spend about 5 months of 2022 in Gemini. And this has an effect that revolves within you, not only turning but also turning you in another direction. We are talking about a process in which you will work hard in every sense, be versatile and whatever goes through your mind will penetrate your soul. In addition to your current income, you can generate new income sources, the products or works that you will put forward with your own handiwork may come to your agenda, you may experience days where you cannot even find time to sleep, but you will be happy about it. The fact that you support yourself more and more economically will also help you relax psychologically. You can find the strength you need for everything you ever wanted to do or want to let go. Your life may have been spent writing a transformation story. This time, you will show everything by experience. For yourself and your family…

2022 Scorpio

Rating of the Year: “6 Points” out of 10

Signs with which you will relate best during the year: Capricorn, Scorpio and Sagittarius

The most successful months of the year: January, April, May, July, December

The most careful months of the year: February, June, August, October

Annual goal planning of Scorpio Zodiac signs by month

January: you will travel frequently due to your business activities. You can give a last chance by forgiving mistakes in your legal issues, and you will renew confidence by trusting the promises made.

February: you want to be pressured by your family. Interfering with your life and preventing you from acting individually can lead you to rebellion. You can surprise everyone by not shying away from speaking the truth in front of a crowd.

March: you are taking action to resolve sensitive issues in your relationship. While reflecting your emotionality, you will express the missing aspects. You can set limits against your social circle and decide not to meet with some people you are uncomfortable with.

April: the intensity of your daily work will increase. You will spend a lot of effort due to renewed topics. Unknowns in your bilateral relations may arise. Learning the facts will shock you.

May: you are entering with strong emotions. While your passions add color to your life, you have to change your partnership structures with which you have a strong bond. From the second week on, you may have difficulty managing your physical energy. You will walk to new beginnings with the truths that you have to accept while feeling under pressure spiritually.

June: You get help from your social relationships. You get support for the issues you have difficulties. While evaluating your financial resources, you will experience events where you can act quickly.

July: you start by making far distances close. You have the power to intervene in the problems of your loved ones from afar. You may receive mysterious news from the people you are in contact with. You have to choose the right move in the face of secrets.

August: you will be in deep thoughts. It will shake your emotional world if what you don’t want to break up feels like being taken away from you. Your diligence will be tested in the second week of August. You may have to deal with problematic issues in your circle of friends, social circle and charities that you serve voluntarily.

September: contains manipulation for you. The people and events you communicate with create the impression that the truth can be hidden. You will need your intuition a lot this month.

October: you are giving importance to your health routines that you postponed. You will take action with the high energy you have gained in October on every issue that you have difficulty in taking action. You will be problem and solution oriented, leaving your personal problems aside.

November: it can challenge you mentally. You submit to innovation in your personal values ​​that you stubbornly do not accept. You accept the necessity of modernizing.

December: will bring you the closing of financial debts. You should prepare a disciplined plan without getting caught in your fears. You have to be careful not to let your communication become harsh.

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