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Libra Horoscope 2022

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Libras and Libra rising sign,

You’ve had a lot of struggles with how to restore your self-confidence. Should you spend your strength on this or take your life in your hands? The year 2021 has not only exhausted you. You have been fighting various struggles since 2014. You are not one to tire and upset your surroundings, but there is a part of you that hurts yourself because you cannot draw a boundary around you. Now you are learning this. You may have gone back and forth between these questions. It won’t be that hard to figure out where you need to go in 2022. You are closing the era of leaving things to chance, sweet words and smiling faces. Your ruling planet Venus traveling in Capricorn for a while and completing the year with its rapid transits will greatly affect you.

Especially your career and your relationships here are among the most important agenda items of 2022. The struggle you fight for your loved ones can change dimensions. You put yourself and your wishes first. Even if you have had and will have negative experiences, you can remind yourself of their teachings. Strengthening your place in society and giving importance to cooperation towards your goals should be a priority for you. The female figures in your family and business life can play a decisive role here. It’s a good idea to start focusing on good relationships and improving relationships now. Different people may come into your life very often. He can learn something new from every person, and can go one step further in every relationship.

You are getting stronger economically.

The Lunar Nodes, which will pass into the Taurus and Scorpio axis, draw attention to your material values ​​and efforts in 2022. Rather than what you want to do, you find what is really necessary to win and feel more confident. Once you find it, you can even go beyond cracking the shell. You can choose from stunning and radical job opportunities. Taking initiatives different from what you always do and know, changing your perceptions about your comfort zone determines your living standards. You protect yourself, your family, your values. Because in this way, you face the fact that you can feed both physically and psychologically. Unusual offers or people will not scare you as much as they used to. You can learn to manage stress more accurately. In this way, you can get rid of the fearful aspects of life and make a transition to the sides to hold on to.

Get ready for real success and branding!

Mercury will go retrograde in 3 air groups in 2022. Since the last of the back and forth movements in Aquarius and Gemini will be in your sign, we can say that it has a final effect. Relationships and personal development issues come to the fore. Mercury will be retrograde on January 14th, May 10th and September 9th throughout the year. Apart from these, your relationships with the people you meet and the things you dedicate yourself to and the things you put forth are important. Because when the backward movements start, you will have to make evaluations about all these. If you have an unfinished relationship, if you complete it properly, you will be able to make your life more livable. You have to give yourself, your heart, your talents a chance. The ideas you produce here, the way you implement them and believe in them will be supported by the sky.

You are recovering! Don’t make old mistakes again!

Chiron starts 2022 moving forward in Aries. In fact, it will start in the last days of 2021, but you will be able to take its effects mostly by the new year. You may have been hurt a lot, and you may have made the wrong choices. You faced all of this during Chiron’s retro process. Now, when you start to move forward, you must reflect these confrontations in your life, in your relationships. If you have a partnership, you should not make the same mistake anymore. Because at this stage, repeating it will become an option, not a mistake. You have to come up with reasons for people to stay with you, not leave you. That’s why your relationships are so important. In order to be a happy and successful individual, you can and should be in contact with those who want to be in this situation. People who look at life not from the same angle but from the same pain feed each other. If you use your pain correctly, your angles will evolve in the right direction.

2022 Libras

Rating of the Year: “8 Points” out of 10

Signs with which you will relate best during the year: Libra, Sagittarius And Gemini

The most successful months of the year: April, May, October, December

The most careful months of the year: February, June, August, October

Libra Zodiac sign annual goal planning by month

January: family and career choices make their mark. While your family and friends will support you in taking action, your worries will be the biggest obstacle to taking action. With the power you get from your roots, you will have the energy of movement concretely.

February: Your visibility increases. You will have a say in front of the society by taking on new duties and new responsibilities. You are only in a month where you need to pay extra attention to being deceived and defrauded. Be more vigilant.

March: You start with emotional intensity. As your sensitivity is high, you will find it difficult to balance your fragile nature. Postponing your daily activities as much as possible will be your first choice. There may be small details that escape your attention in your confidential matters. You will want to leave your secrets in safe hands.

April: Your love life is making its mark. This month full of longing and love, you will want to act fast and enjoy the past lovelessness. New beginnings will lead you to a crossroads in your life.

May: It is the month of transformation for you. You will witness the inner awakening that will leave your fears behind. When you encounter the reflection of how your fixed thoughts actually affect you, you realize the facts better. Your self-confidence increases with the success you have achieved in your financial matters. You should stay away from risky investment sources.

June: your communication is getting stronger. You can step into a new education life. You will also gain profit from your business activities with your close circle dialogues. Your sense of ownership allows you to gain sincere friendships in your workplace.
will provide.

July: You will experience completion in matters where you have indecision in your life. You make progress to the extent that you reach the conclusion. In the face of unexpected events, you should follow the right path by referring to the opinions of your social circle.

August: you want to be free. You will get rid of the pressure of your environment and act according to your personal wishes. Everyone will feel your independence. You may have difficulty coping with your sense of loneliness, and your subconscious may want to revive your past resentments.

September: You realize that you are spiritually disintegrated. You sharpen your boundaries by thinking that you need to be disciplined physically and spiritually. You will look for ways to reflect your identity correctly.
October: you’re entering fast. You may find it difficult to adapt to developments in your joint ventures. Be careful not to act on your emotions. In the second week of October, you need to pay attention to your financial values.

November: your main agenda is inheritance, tax, debt issues. While your emotions push you to indecision, your reaction to change may lead you to give up on some possibilities. You can travel short distances with your siblings, and you will want to calm your inner fatigue.

December: As it is the completion of the year, it has the energy of completion in one area and re-start in another area for you. Even if you are against moving and relocation, the system will do what it should by working for your benefit.

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