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Leo Horoscope 2022

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Leos and Leo ascendant,

Two long-term and powerful planets will make great efforts to completely change your life. But this time you will be collaborating with them. So let’s go back to what happened between May 2018 and September 2019. Here you are reshaping about some of the rules you are trying to break. This year, your health and responsibilities need to be taken care of.

Make sure you get enough rest. You may be feeling like a ghost in relationships. Love and relationships will go to a better place than they were last time. Unfortunately, this year, your partner may tell you that he wants too much understanding. The turbulences you experience in your emotional world are now taking shape this year. You can start a new relationship. This may be at the point of your business environment or collaborations. You are creating a new business world. The injustices and failures you have suffered in your business life for the last 3 years have made you want to go away. But now things are changing.

Eclipses that will take place in Taurus and Scorpio will make you do whatever is called never!

The fact that the Solar Eclipses to be experienced in the sky during the year are in the signs of Taurus and Scorpio may lead you to great changes regarding your career and achievements. This year, you will use your financial gains and investments to improve yourself. Or you can use your possessions to start a joint venture. A new situation may arise regarding your financial legal processes.

While you want to realize your career goals this year, you should not ignore the security area provided by your financial situation. For example; When you decide to make any partnership from outside while you are in a business with regular income in an institution, you should continue both with patience and hard work instead of quitting the regular business. While it is the right decision to establish and invest in your own business in order to make money from your personal talents this year, you should not leave the areas where you are really safe.

You can make important beginnings in your career between March and July.

In particular, June will be a time period for you to get results and change the direction of events. Past problems that have been postponed in your financial projects and that you could not overcome will be replaced by good results. Surprise chances and opportunities will now begin to come your way in the career field. You will have magnificent results that bring together your needs and dreams. You should make good use of this year when you are open to achieving the happiness you have dreamed of for a long time. While you are excitedly embarking on new experiences that will lead you to happiness, you should definitely proceed step by step and carefully.

Saturn will retrograde in your opposite sign! More attention to investments and relationships!

The fact that the planet Saturn has been in the sign of Aquarius since March 2020 has made you very difficult in many issues, especially in relationships, and compared to a number of obstacles. This year’s exams may be financial issues for you. In order to protect the luck and opportunities you have gained this year, you need to take financial measures and take a financial responsibility carefully. You are coming to the end of your struggle with authority figures. Seeing you win in the middle of the year will make you happy. It is time to expand long-term stable formations in your material projects. You can finish and overcome past financial problems while making new plans for the future in your debt and credit relationships. You should be more cautious about your marriage or your spouse’s job, especially when Saturn is retrograde. The times of June 5 and October 23 can be foreseen as a time when you need to be more aware.

Go slower in marriage or formal partnerships this year.

Especially if you have projects of foreign and commercial origin, you can exchange important ideas about it and play games that provide more stability on your project. This can be a profitable door for you. Relationships with the right people are very important. You can start the first ring of the safe space you need to create in your career. All you need is to reach people who believe in you and to express yourself correctly. Even if your patience is strained at some points, you have to be a little more moderate in order to maintain the political balance. Remember, achieving something is a process that requires patience. Your patience has been tried for a long time, but we can call this the last flat.

April 30 Jupiter and Venus will conjoin in Pisces!

You may be in one of the most beautiful periods of your life. Please forget about your disappointments or some failures. Maybe it will be the first start of a wonderful cycle to start a new business or achieve your dreams. If you see that things that have lasted for many years but are not fortunate, do not neglect to follow them. and if you value your education processes, you will be drawn into real happiness.

2022 Leo

Rating of the Year: “9 Points” out of 10

The zodiac signs with which you will relate best during the year: Aries, Aquarius and Capricorn

The most successful months of the year: January, May, August

The most careful months of the year: January, February, October, November, December

January: You start a new marathon with a change in your working life. You will be flattered and promoted. You cannot express your feelings, but you have reached the end point. You have to compromise your rules for a new cycle.

February: Love is knocking on your door and maybe you are making the move that will mark this year. Loneliness ends. The person you meet will make sure that everything falls into place. He can take quick steps, who knows, maybe even a lightning wedding.

March: You may feel overly emotional and tired. In particular, economic issues can occupy a large place on the agenda. If you let yourself go with the flow of time instead of trying not to show that you are afraid, your inner compression will decrease.

April: You can take your body and soul to the same places, and you can prepare a nice visit plan for yourself. You are only thinking of meeting your personal needs and reaching spiritual fulfillment. Let the spring support you.

May: The change you resist comes to the end and takes you to a great victory point. You can gain significant momentum in your career. Now you can carry your justified pride and victory in your chest, which you have stretched through every difficulty you face. You are the winner.

June: You want to start a home and have a small nuclear family. You will work to make yourself liked and accepted. In your love life, you have to prove that you’re okay and that you are not the “you” anymore. Good luck and happiness in advance…

July: You can spend your time organizing your working life. Good time management will not cause you to neglect your health. You have the necessary controls for your joint and dental problems. Don’t push yourself back.

August: You mustn’t lose control so you don’t get up in anger and do the most damage. It’s time for you to find the causes, not the destruction. You will find the solution in this way, do not lose your trust.

September: You may experience financial difficulties. You may exceed your spending limit while trying to control your emotions. Don’t let temporary situations cause permanent damage to you.

October: You are in the month of innovation and renewal for you. You reveal what you’re hiding. You may want to reveal everything to your family and environment. You should try to use your energy in the right place and in the right way in order not to be sad at the end of the day and month.

November: You may feel sad and inadequate. Some things can develop out of your control. But this should not cause you to burden yourself. If you do not miss the dose of self-criticism, you will more easily overcome the negative consequences of situations that you cannot intervene.

December: Official job offers may come from the organizations you volunteer with. Your honest and sincere behavior is rewarded. A new workplace brings you new opportunities and new people. You are closing 2022 with material and moral satisfaction.

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