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Gemini Horoscope 2022

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We are starting 2022 with Venus Retrograde. Venus will be in retrograde until February 7th. You will need to make better arrangements regarding financial matters during this retro period. You should control your expenses, regulate unnecessary expenses and act more systematically and in a planned manner in your banking transactions. Your arbitrary expenses may increase during this period. Your desire to become stronger financially may increase. It is a period in which you have to make some sacrifices in order to achieve your wishes in both your business and private life. Responsibility is gaining importance. When you act with this awareness, you can reach what you deserve, what you deserve.

Moving into Pisces on December 29, 2021, Jupiter will stay here until May 11. During this transit, an accelerating and changing process will emerge in your career process. For some of you, this transit will bring brand new career plans and new future plans, while for some of you, it will provide the opportunity to achieve a goal you have always dreamed of. During this period, you should not forget that luck and divine support are with you and you should look for ways to turn your dreams into reality with a realistic plan. Hopelessness, disbelief and making life meaningless may cause you to miss the opportunities of this period.

On May 11, Jupiter will move from Pisces to Aries. It will travel in this sign until October 28. With the effects of this transit on your sign, you will be faced with fast developing, healing and pleasing developments in your relationships. For many single Gemini, this period will bring acquaintances with cultured, entertaining, well-equipped people and pleasant relationships. In ongoing relationships, steps can be taken one step further. The solidity of the friendship relationship in partnership relations will strengthen your relationship. Speaking the same language, having the same culture and values ​​will bring the parties closer together.

On April 30, a Solar Eclipse takes place in Taurus. On and around this date, you will be faced with fateful changes and unpredictable situations, unplanned developments. You can receive support from life for your heartfelt wish and desire, and you can have the opportunity to reach your wish in a fateful way. A new, long-term process is opening up in matters related to foreigners abroad. This period may bring you the subject of working abroad, expanding your business with international connections, and settling abroad with a periodical education process. You can find the courage to make a radical change in your business life, stand behind your own wishes and plans, and be more determined. The impact of your words will be much stronger.

From May 10 to June 4, Mercury goes retrograde in Gemini. In the retro period, you will go to make ending and beginning decisions about your life, and you will feel stronger desire to change your current life order. This period may reveal a moving and relocation agenda for many of you. It may be necessary to be relatively more careful for pregnancy processes.

In July and August, we will be experiencing the effects of the conjunction between the North Node, Mars and Uranus. In this period, the desire to make a first in your life will be at a high level. In particular, a new door will be opened regarding your living order and working life. You can put your agendas that emerged in and around April into practice during this period. It is a period when it is inevitable to go through a change that will disrupt your comfort and convenience. These changes, which may make you feel uneasy at the beginning, will provide your material-spiritual development in the long run.

Jupiter returns to Pisces on October 28 and stays there until December 20. During this period, he will go over the topics of the previous Pisces trip and give you the last chance to complete any unfinished situations. There may be completion and conclusion in this period regarding your ongoing lawsuits. In particular, legal processes related to material issues such as compensation, alimony and inheritance can come to an important point in this process and you can get the money you deserve. Changes in the spouse’s family can affect your short-term relationship. Together with the spouse, you can make financial plans and take steps.

On October 31, Mars begins retrograde and will be ending its retrograde in January 2023. Since Mars’ retrograde movement will be in your sign, you will be one of the zodiac signs most affected by this process. You may undergo operations for changes in your external appearance, and you may be busy receiving treatments related to your health. You will be in a process where you will act rather than think. While your mind is talking more, you can take new steps in instant decisions much faster. You may receive offers from your former workplace and former colleagues, and you may experience task changes in your business life.

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