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Capricorn Horoscope 2022

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Capricorns and Capricorn rising sign,

After long and difficult years, you are entering the year that you really sighed deeply. The most important Solar and Lunar Eclipses of the year will take place in your 5th and 11th houses this year. You are entering a year where you reshape your emotions, where your creativity develops. We can say that maybe you find the joy you lost.

Your trust and dedication to the environment can be dazzling this year. You may find yourself gaining an enhanced sense of security in the long run in terms of your career. It’s time to move towards something bigger. Things improved in 2019-2020 beyond what you expected. This year, you should see everything you experience in this area, hard or easy, as an opportunity. It can be said that the negativities you have experienced in your career are returning to you. The most important thing in life; Believing that while you’re still alive, it’s never too late.

Between January and July, you will now be able to see where you are in your career. Goals are starting to come true. You have come to these days with the big break you experienced in September 2020, namely the struggle. In 2019, everything carried you to a great metamorphosis in your life.

Your real peak in your career will be in the beginning of 2023, but if you will hear the thunderous sounds of this in 2022. If we consider a 3-step ladder; For you, 2020 will be the first step in your career, 2021 will be the second step, and 2022 will be the third step in your career. What you struggle with and the order you create this year takes up a very important place. If you had to establish a company or become a partner in the last year, you are taking on a great rise and responsibility.

You are expanding abroad and you are making money from new unfamiliar areas.

After the difficult stories you experienced in 2020, you made a rapid change of course. Now you follow the roads you changed your route and see new landscapes. Choose to act quickly and double your work performance. You may need to make an important decision at work or evaluate a career with pros and cons. Maybe you want to retire or make some other radical life transitions. You are on your way to great success and freedom in your career. The secret to success in business is true confidence in yourself and your skills. Briefly; Towards the end of the year, new job opportunities may be open to you. This is how you should set your expectations.

You can enter into a great cooperation in May.

May can be called the first time of a big announcement for you. May you be in a year filled with passion and sensuality. Your energy and communication power will be impressive throughout the year. We may have expressed it correctly if we say that an exciting year is waiting for you in terms of love and relationships. In your relationships, you will gain a clearer direction in matters that you have not been able to get out of for a long time. In this year where you will question love and love or being loved, you will move towards making some decisions with eclipses. If you are in a marriage, your spouse may want to make up for the mistakes he has made against you.

From May 10 to November 29, you meet the reality of your life.

In March, you can meet someone new and enter into a great love story. In June, you may be in a dilemma between your relationships and you may have to make an important decision. The attitude of your friends or family will be very decisive in this decision. The fact that Mars continues to be in Gemini after August 20 and retrograde on October 30 will make the struggles in your life a little different. You may enter into business matters where you will have to open a business or recruit new employees. You should pay attention to new employees or problems with your employees.

However, with the retrograde of Mars after October 30, you should pay more attention to your health. This year, you should put your urgent business plans in order and work hard with the excitement of starting the first day. You shouldn’t listen to anyone’s thought that you can’t do it. You have to be in sound judgments without paying attention to the surrounding manipulation. We can say that this year is a year where you can be highly supported by your managers or your partners. You can enter with all your courage the issues related to international connections or new trainings.

2022 Capricorn

Rating of the Year: “9 Points” out of 10

Signs with which you will relate best during the year: Taurus, Scorpio and Sagittarius

The most successful months of the year: January, April, May, July, December

The most careful months of the year: February, June, August, October

January: It will be the month of new beginnings for you. You will be liberated in all areas of your life where you have difficulties. It will not be an easy month, but the fact that it will be difficult will show you that more beautiful things are coming. You are in a new transformation time. You may be experiencing financial problems. Don’t worry.

February: Your financial gains make their mark. With your new initiatives, you will prove your abilities in your commercial activities.

March: It will be a month when you want to get away from your surroundings, whether near or far. Being alone attracts you. A new love can pull you inwardly towards it. You will feel so brave for the first time.

April: You are moving as a place or place. You will reach your goal with the change you have experienced in your career field. Maybe you are opening a new business area.

May: You enter with emotional effects that will surprise even you. A great love is knocking on your door. You will feel that your iceberg feelings are rekindled.

June: Secrets are revealed. You learn unexpected truths from people you trust and whose sincerity you believe. You are in a month where your right is understood.

July: In your personal life, you will want to reach conclusions on some issues. You will dispose of your tangible assets that have no future and no continuity. You can sign new joint ventures with your bilateral relations.

August: You need to regulate your material financial structure. Except for a new system and a new resource, you’re going to be obsessed with too many details.

September: Your emotional sensitivity is increasing. Your level of resentment in your communication will decrease considerably. In your commercial activities, you may try to take your decisions emotionally and make an intense effort to disable your logic.

October: It is a busy time for you. Your family life, your career, your responsibilities are all cornered. From the second week of October, you will experience a change of place in front of the community. Be prepared for unexpected events.

November: It is the scene of emotional confessions. By putting aside the coldness and loneliness, you will take a step to experience love. You can have children. Or you can come up with a plan to treat your new job like a child and grow it.

December: You reveal your personal characteristics in your workspace. You will use your problem-solving skills as more in sight.

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