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Aries Horoscope 2022

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We are starting 2022 with Venus Retrograde. Venus will be in retrograde until February 7th. In this retro period, alternative ideas, new options and new paths about your career and future plans will come your way. You can question the future of your relationships, while strengthening your cooperation with effort and effort in your relationships; You will approach the relationships in both your business and private life seriously and seek seriousness. You will spend a period where you will move forward with your logic rather than acting with emotions.

Moving into Pisces on December 29, 2021, Jupiter will stay here until May 11. More often you will encounter divine rewards and fateful experiences, situations in which divine justice works, during this transit. You should be comfortable in matters that you are sure of and you should be able to trust the flow of life. However, unethical steps and entering into illegal situations may cause you material and moral damages in this process. Therefore, take care to progress more equitably. Many agendas related to abroad will increase and accelerate in this process. Your abroad issues for education, travel and settlement may result in divine luck during this period.

On May 11, Jupiter will move from Pisces to Aries. It will travel in this sign until October 28. Since this transit will be in your sign, you will be one of the most influential signs. Having an ongoing relationship, Aries signs can talk about performing ceremonies such as marriage, promise, wedding and engagement these days. Families can meet, you can get a marriage proposal. The acquaintances you will experience during this period can quickly lead to the process of marriage. Married Coaches, on the other hand, can make or realize plans to move abroad, travel with their spouse.

On April 30, a Solar Eclipse takes place in Taurus. On and around this date, a brand new and powerful period opens in financial matters. You are entering a period where your self-confidence will increase and you will realize your potential better. You can make heavy purchases during this period.

From May 10 to June 4, Mercury goes retrograde in Gemini. In the retro period, new ideas about your business life, working environment and employees may come up for a short time. If there is an innovation, a planning that you entered before the retro, you can make the final decision or take the last step in the retro process. However, alternative situations that emerged in this retro period may be concluded at the end of the year or there may be completely temporary options and temporary situations. Therefore, you should proceed more slowly and not take big risks by getting caught up in enthusiasm.

In July and August, we will be experiencing the effects of the conjunction between the North Node, Mars and Uranus. In these months, your agendas that emerged in April-May can be completed, and you can put the decisions you made on those dates into practice in these months. There may be a case of entering into a partnership, getting a big wish related to financial or emotional matters. The big and radical decisions that you will make with strong feelings for your love relationships may be visible.

Jupiter returns to Pisces on October 28 and stays there until December 20. During this period, he will go over the topics of the previous Pisces trip and give you the last chance to complete any unfinished situations. You should not hesitate to take your chances regarding all your wishes for life, keep your hope and open yourself up to all kinds of possibilities and changes. For some of you, life during this period may bring a better plan than yours. Don’t be trapped in your own ideas and plans.

On October 31, Mars begins retrograde and will be ending its retrograde in January 2023. With Mars’ retrograde movement, you will enter a powerful process of change. Because Mars is your ruling planet. You can see that you are one of the most influential signs during this period. In the last months of the year, every situation can come in pairs. You may come across two opportunities, two ways and two different offers. You may feel indecisive, but at the end of the day, you may end up in one of two situations. You may tend to progress through trial and error. You can get short trainings that you have been thinking about for a while in this process. Your short trips will increase. You may also be more quickly drawn into verbal arguments with siblings and neighbors. In general, avoid bullshit. Try to take short breaks when you get nervous. Payments and expenditures related to vehicles and situations that accelerate in sales may come to the fore. A seasonal sport, a hobby may be better for you these days. In the process, at least try to take short walks and do breathing exercises. It will help you to distribute your rising energy more controlled.

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