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Weekly Horoscope Virgo June 27 – July 3 2022

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Dear Virgo and Virgo ascendants, retrograde Neptune in Pisces can show your relationships are different from what you’ve known so far. This is the end of an injustice, you can live as a way out to get better conditions. If there are government or public appointments he is waiting for this week, they may get results on them. Seeing the rewards for your mistakes and well-intentioned steps can sustain strong relationships. Do not leave the truth, the shortest way to your dreams passes here. You can be lucky in commercial and emotional relations with every attempt you make by thinking about the end. Do not neglect this detail when making vital decisions.

With the new moon in Cancer on June 29, you realize what you can do in spite of your fears instead of suppressing them. You can work on your social environment and goals, and you can reach everyone through digital spaces. You will feel free and happy. You are entering a week where you will want to earn money and no longer want to feel dependent on a family or a spouse. Maybe you didn’t think about it until now, but you can make this decision in the face of an event that will develop this week. Your desire to turn off your social media or move away may be triggered. Benefit from the people around you and their experiences. If you develop yourself in this direction, you can be the person whose experience is consulted. You cannot escape from something.

Motivational Quote: “You are the world; so if you change, the world changes.”

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