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Weekly Horoscope Virgo July 4 – July 10 2022

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Dear Virgo and those whose rising sign is Virgo, Mars acting in Taurus can refresh your hope for life and what is going on. You may feel that you are standing more upright and confidently on your feet. You can get positive feedback on both legal and monetary issues, and you can start new works with your connections and travels. You may be interested in your education life or the subjects you want to improve yourself. You should get rid of the confusions and attitudes of the people around you and focus on your own comfort and goals. A permanent and surprising order comes into your life.

With your ruling planet Mercury moving into Cancer, you can become a well-known and spoken person in your social circle. Organizations, family and home reunions, getting involved in a new environment can be on the agenda. Your ideas attract attention. You can pursue new jobs where you can evaluate your earnings, and you can turn to some investments. The conjunction of Mercury and Lilith here may test you in matters that you postponed or forced. You may need to deal with friendships, rumors and gossip, especially those that you have not cut off. Face it and get yourself out of this grip. Being transparent will be your biggest supporter.

Motivational Quote: “You have to think about the big things while doing the little things so that all the little things go in the right direction.”

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