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Weekly Horoscope Taurus July 4 – July 10 2022

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Dear Taurus and Taurus ascendant, the initiation of Mars’ journey in your sign can distract you from outdated thoughts and attitudes. Forcing your tolerance limits is directly proportional to your resistance. Therefore, you may find that things are not as you think about the issues that you stop resisting. This is the ideal time to make adjustments regarding your sports and eating habits. You are drawing a new boundary both for yourself and for your environment. You may feel more courageous. It will become easier to use this situation as you see that you can do something. Be prepared for what you will face.

With the start of Mercury’s course in Cancer, you are entering a period where you will travel more, research and learn. You are in an ideal time to adapt the moments you miss to the present, to throw away the dust of the past and to turn to the postponed issues. You may be lucky in matters related to the state. Lilith accompanying Mercury here can teach you things beyond what you already know. Especially the issues related to your relatives and your sharing with them gain importance. It is useful to be careful against distractions and traps in traffic.

Motivational Quote: “Strength comes not from physical capacity, but from unyielding will.”

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