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Weekly Horoscope Scorpio June 27 – July 3 2022

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Dear Scorpio and rising sign Scorpio, with Neptune retrograde in Pisces on June 28, you can see the opportunities that will make your dreams come true and give you the comfort you have dreamed of. You should focus on appreciating the present moment, not on not making use of these opportunities on time. You should put this into practice both in emotional relationships and in areas where you will showcase your talents. Turning away from delusions will remind you where to look for happiness. You have to allow for emotional relationships and associated dreams. Getting the support of your family will be very important right now. Acting rebelliously in a way that confronts them may not make you feel good. You should not misunderstand the feeling that the people around you do not want to liberate you. The fear of losing may have gripped you, since it is in the sign of Scorpio that I am currently in south. This may mean that you cannot see some facts. That’s why you should calmly hear the support from your surroundings.

With the Cancer new moon, you may want to question your life as of June 29. This new moon will trigger the 1st and 4th house quite a lot. This shows that you will make very impulsive exits in places where you think you are losing power. You feel great anger where you don’t feel successful. Power and success are very important to you. You can no longer tolerate situations that cast a shadow over them. You are at a time when everything starts again. You will progress to a new beginning in the field of education or social media. If you are currently trading on social media or making gains here, you may encounter some problems and make new decisions. You should pay attention to the situations related to state affairs, taxation. As a result of your inquiries, both your education life and your work that you will support with your personal development may come to the fore. You can implement your transactions in legal and written matters and accelerate the initiatives to which you will receive your rights.

Motivational Quote: “You believe you live in the universe, in reality the universe lives in you.”

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