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Weekly Horoscope Scorpio July 18 – July 24 2022

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Dear Scorpio and those whose rising sign is Scorpio, your outlook on life and your energy are changing with the course of Venus in Cancer. You can use your longing for the past in a good way. You focus on the shortcomings and needs of your life. Applying this in a constructive way will provide you financial and moral benefits. Legal issues, you can get positive results about your education life. The supportive aspect between Venus and Mars can pave the way for you to establish a new order in your daily life and make business changes. Evaluate the deals.

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The Sun and Mercury move into Leo, making your business life quite active and lucrative. You are in a period where you will manage new projects, your responsibilities will change, and you will be noticed. There are many opportunities to win and advance. You can get rewards for your efforts with both financial returns and offers. During this time, your speeches and attitudes will be important. Be careful not to make promises you can’t keep. Because Mercury Mars square can test you a little bit at this point. You should take an attitude that you will not be wronged when you are right.

Chiron moving back to Aries can give you unexpected support regarding your working conditions. There may be positive developments related to the works that you cannot manage and complete correctly. Your efforts are visible. You should give yourself constructive criticism. This will be very important for both your mental and physical health. You can get rid of some of your health problems. You should continue your practices.

Motivational Quote: “The only difference between the impossible and the possible is a person’s degree of determination.”

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