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Weekly Horoscope Scorpio July 11 – July 17 2022

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Dear Scorpio and rising sign Scorpio, on July 13th, a full moon occurs in Capricorn and you are faced with many words being said about you. You can understand at what distance you should stay from the people around you. You may want to meet with people you can do business with, trust and can get you places. This may be the best thing you can do to improve yourself. You can get financial returns from your commercial ventures, collect your receivables, and clarify your future work. In traffic and public transport, you should be careful about human relations and vehicle use. You learn to act without succumbing to your anger and without turning your goals into ambition.

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With the conjunction of the Sun and Mercury in Cancer, you are holding on to your past experiences. Your past relationships and jobs can hold important clues about shaping your present life. You are entering a process where you will make up for your shortcomings and speed up your work. You may question the values ​​you believe in, and you may want to pursue it. Your thoughts about moving, relocating, owning a space may intensify. You can find places where you feel safe, and you can also make some travel plans for this. You are being renewed.

Motivational Quote: “If you have a complaint, you have a purpose in life. You have to use it!”

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