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Weekly Horoscope Sagittarius June 27 – July 3 2022

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Dear Sagittarius and rising sign Sagittarius, with Neptune retrograde in Pisces, you are developing a new perspective on your family life and the problems arising from it. This week, you feel as if you are weaving the webs of destiny and being reshaped. Your experience and learning may show that things are not what you think. Instead of seeing this as an obstacle to yourself, you should evaluate it in order to better understand the missing or wrong points. Your dreams of starting a home, owning a home and being a family should be shaped by the future, not the past. The difficulties you are experiencing with your children can put a little more pressure on you this week. Be more optimistic and friendly.

The Cancer new moon may remind you to leave some issues behind. You must not let worry and fear take over your courage. You are breaking a cycle. You can get economic support for the fields you want to create for yourself. You leave the problems behind in your payment plans and income and expense balance. Hold on to your goals. You feel obligated to do some things now, no matter what, you should not ignore yourself. You will gain clarity in monetary matters. Maybe you can have the opportunity to make joint works or gains with your loved ones. You will be successful in job interviews this week. In fact, the places you will enter this week can make you very big later. Maybe you will create opportunities to open your own place or set up your own office. You think of squeezing yourself into the security areas imposed by your family or society. But that doesn’t mean that the opinions of others are your reality. Write a story where you can return to your own reality and be free in no time.

Motivational Quote: “The constant mark of wisdom is to see the miracle around.”

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