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Weekly Horoscope Sagittarius July 18 – July 24 2022

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Dear Sagittarius and ascendant Sagittarius, Venus’ movement in Cancer may bring you some financial mobility. It may be possible for you to increase your additional income, meet new jobs and opportunities. You can collect your receivables and prevent economic problems with the support you will receive from your family and spouse. Your bank and credit transactions may result in positive results. Your self-confidence and motivation increase. This will give you opportunities to realize your financial expectations. However, you should use these opportunities appropriately, taking into account the Venus Jupiter square. It’s a good idea to think twice before taking big payments and risks.

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The Sun and Mercury move into Leo. This gives you the opportunity to meet and break some of your prejudices. The developments you witness in the environment you live in can bring you a different perspective. At the same time, your experiences can affect others. You can be someone whose ideas are consulted and whose work is followed. You are taking long-term steps. Your work related to city change, moving and establishing a permanent order is accelerating.

Chiron’s retrograde in Aries can intensify your thoughts about proving yourself. You should not think that what you have done is not enough, that the whole burden is on you. Accepting what is and living in line with the possibilities and skills you have can bring you greater advantages than you can imagine. Staying calm will be your greatest guide.

Motivational Quote: “Open your eyes and see what you can do with them before they close forever.”

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