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Weekly Horoscope Sagittarius July 11 – July 17 2022

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Dear Sagittarius and rising sign Sagittarius, with the full moon in Capricorn, the days when you will be financially profitable start on July 13 and later. You can take advantage of all the opportunities to make safe and stable investments, increase your workforce, and work on the issues you value. The outcome of these assessments will be determined by your attempts to date. You can find solutions to the problems you are experiencing, and you can see more clearly what is necessary. Reviewing your income and expense balance can make it easier to find your shortcomings. Acting thoughtfully and confidently will be your key.

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The conjunction of Sun and Mercury in Cancer can bring formulas that will get you away from everything that scares you, worries you and makes you think you are addicted. You can learn how everything will change in an instant, to let go and go with the flow. You can take small business initiatives to collect your mind and to evaluate your time and ideas correctly. The support you will receive from your spouse and family will make it easier for you to progress. Knowing what you want and what you don’t want can move you forward.

Motivational Quote: “If we had given up too soon, we would have missed today’s sunniest days.”

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