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Weekly Horoscope Pisces July 4 – July 10 2022

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Dear Pisces and Pisces ascendant, Mars, which will begin to move in Taurus, reminds you of your strength and abilities. You can get away from people you are restless and change the course of your stagnant life. You can experience developments that require you to break your shell, and you can use what you learn in this direction. You are under permanent and positive effects. You can see very lucky and productive days in monetary matters. Ideas that you will turn into money, social media studies and business trips may come up frequently. You multiply your value. The Moon Neptune triangle will allow you to see what you hide behind the big picture. Imagine and work.

With the transit of Mercury into Cancer, you may experience important movements in your love life. You can meet people with whom you feel emotionally attracted. All eyes can be on you in social media or events you attend with your family, and you can influence your surroundings with your words. You should make sure that you express yourself correctly with the effect of emotionality. You understand the importance of building secure relationships and bonds. This will guide your efforts to make yourself happy. Your ideas and expectations about having children may come up again.

Motivational Quote: “The limit is not the point where something stops, it is the point where something starts.”

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