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Weekly Horoscope Libra June 27 – July 3 2022

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Dear Libra and ascendant Libras, you are filtering your daily routines and work conditions with Neptune retrograde in Pisces. You can find strength for what you want to change, and you can realize your responsibilities. This will also affect you physically. You should follow the warnings coming from your health checks, nervous and digestive system. If you are good, you can establish living conditions like your dreams. It’s a good idea to set your priorities accordingly. The person in your life may have suddenly decided to leave. Never get upset thinking about it. Look ahead. People who break away from you voluntarily during this period are actually very well developed issues. For Libras, human relationships mean opportunities for them to evolve. Our soul evolves as we establish relationships. You develop and gain experience through bilateral relations. You will notice this this week. That’s why you should never complain and say why is he finding me.

With the Cancer new moon that will take place on June 29, you are putting your career plans into action. You are currently experiencing manipulation or mobbing at your workplace. But it should never be angry and at the point of showdown. You should act with sufficient evidence and written documents. Instead of acting impulsively, exhibiting more logical attitudes will also improve relations with your colleagues and superiors. If new job opportunities and offers come your way this week, be sure to evaluate them. He should never feel ready or act without asking the question if I can. You are in a period when you need both good communication and realizing your ideas about establishing a new order. Your efforts to meet this need will not be fruitless. It’s the right time to change jobs. You may want to grow and expand more in your married life. Ideas of being a family or having a child will be highly triggered. This week may be ending a long-lasting marriage. You can take action for this. That’s why the effects your natal chart receives are more important.

Motivational Quote: “On the surface you can do anything, but nothing will happen unless the deeper roots change.”

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