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Weekly Horoscope Leo June 27 – July 3 2022

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Dear Leo and Leo ascendant, Neptune retrograde in Pisces may ask you what you are doing for your dreams. You put an end to everything in your life that is important to you but is not important to you. Fear of things shouldn’t stop you from taking a step. When this fear pushes you to be cautious while taking a step and to seek help where necessary, you can cope with it. It indicates that everything you cover up in the family will be revealed. It may be difficult for you to diagnose and solve your economic and psychological problems yourself. Getting help from an expert will make a great contribution to you. You can deal with deferred jobs and payments. Your efforts to recover your situation may give you the opportunity to turn a clean slate after the retro period is over. You receive what is rightfully yours. This week, you will ask yourself where I am making the most mistakes. Don’t be afraid to get help to solve problems and crises. You can deal with vehicle breakdown or repair of your vehicle. If you have resigned from a business this week, you may need to take them to court or discuss legal issues.

With the Cancer new moon on June 29, you put an end to the chaos in your inner world. Maybe you have to deal with the problems, crises or problems of your friends that have developed out of control, or perhaps the surprising news you have received from them. You develop your attitudes, your relationships, how you react to confidential information in new ways. You are on the last day of standing in places where you are not emotionally supported or dependent on such people that do not progress to your benefit. As of the next day, you must work so that only what is good and valuable remains in your life. You start again, this time in a stronger form.

Motivational Quote: “Remember, there is no perfect time for anything. There is only now.”

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