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Weekly Horoscope Leo July 4 – July 10 2022

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Dear Leo and Leo ascendant, the transition of Mars into Taurus can make July a career-wise acceptable. To be in your business environment, you can evaluate proposals for a suitable system. Monetary returns related to your presence may be available. You can keep your word and control. To be sure, you can do things with it, have some problems with your co-workers. You should stay away from power struggles. It can be used to make the required point, to use the sizing more efficiently and for a long time. Be prepared for surprises.

Mercury in Cancer can be bought within you, designed to suit you. This is not to talk about expectations and expectations from everyone, which are not generally positive. This situation, which will be designed according to your story, should be careful not to get caught in emotional manipulations. Because it’s the perfect sizing for what you’ll learn and use. You shouldn’t be involved in anything without being sure. It will be that Lilith will talk to Mercury. It is useful to take care not to endanger your daily life and health while taking out his strength and his children.

Motivational Quote: “Look at the moment to build; It should look like a dream come true.”

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