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Weekly Horoscope Gemini July 4 – July 10 2022

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Dear Gemini and Gemini ascendant, Mars transiting Taurus can bring you important confrontations about yourself. It may be that the things you hide even from yourself, the issues that your environment hides from you, may come to light. You are in a period of time when your efforts in this direction will be intense. Instead of presenting this effort with a vengeance, you should present it to make your life more livable and of high quality. You realize now that you have to take on some responsibilities. Instead of fighting yourself in your inner world, you should fight the negativity in the outer world. The supportive aspect between Mercury and Mars can also give you opportunities to put your mind into practice. Your self-confidence is rising.

With the transit of your ruling planet, Mercury, into Cancer, monetary issues may take up a lot of your agenda. You may have ideas about how and in what way you will earn money and in what direction you will start a business. You can get support from your family and you can come up with ideas to run a business together. You may not be immediately attracted to the new and different. But instead of pushing it with the back of your hand, you can alternatively hold it on the side. You are in an ideal period to make savings and make future investments.

Motivational Quote: “You’re smart enough if you know where to be stupid. “

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