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Weekly Horoscope Gemini July 18 – July 24 2022

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Dear Gemini and Gemini rising sign, the second half of July may start with gains for you as Venus leaves your sign and moves into Cancer. There may be developments that will improve your income sources and increase your income. Do your calculations well. Payments and collection of your receivables will also determine the direction of your new business ventures. The Sun Neptune triangle can make you dreamy. You should use this effect for situations you deserve and dream of. Focus on what you want to do and discover yourself.

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With the transit of the Sun and Mercury into the sign of Leo, you can sign things that will attract attention in your environment. Travel programs, language training or commercial initiatives may come to the fore. Increasing your energy will allow you to express yourself more fully and joyfully. It will be important for you not to be sarcastic in your words, not to be someone who ignores those around you while trying to be an organizer and pioneer. You should act more carefully than ever, especially since you will be very visible on social media and start new studies here. You have to keep the balance.

Chiron, who will start retrograde in Aries, may question your future plans. You should be concerned with your long-term affairs, the limits and goals you set in your life. The energy of doing something for yourself can transform anything. Your collaborations can provide support for closing the gap. When you feel inadequate, you should remember what you have accomplished and who you have been instrumental in.

Motivational Quote: “Struggle is like a tunnel on the path of life; You must enter, you must leave.”

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