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Weekly Horoscope Gemini July 11 – July 17 2022

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Dear Gemini zodiac signs and Gemini rising sign, you are putting into practice the plans for how you will find financial comfort as of July 13 with the Capricorn full moon. You can collect your debts and payments, and receive support from your family and additional work. You may want to find new financial resources and take part in areas where you will make a regular effort. You put an end to relationships that make you psychologically tired and distracted from your purpose. Not just emotionally, you can set new distances between you and your family and people around you. Dialogues with authority figures in your life may be important, it is useful to pay attention to your discourses.

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Sun and Mercury coming together in the sign of Cancer offers you important opportunities for your ideas that you will develop economically. You add new values ​​to your life. You can receive news about your transactions and expectations in the food and real estate sector. You realize once again the importance of expressing yourself and your wishes correctly. Making sure your emotions and logic agree can bring you new reassurances.

Motivational Quote: “Real challenges can be overcome; only imaginary ones are invincible.”

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