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Weekly Horoscope Capricorn June 27 – July 3 2022

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Dear Capricorn and Capricorn ascendant, as Neptune in Pisces starts retrograde, you may be worried about making yourself known and promoting your business. The progress of your affairs outside of your plans may suggest that you are experiencing a contraction. In order not to be influenced by your distractions and illusions, you should act on matters that you are confident and objectively confronted with. This will give you the opportunity to notice the shortcomings that cause these thoughts. You feel as if your business partners or the people you work with don’t care about your ideas. You ask yourself, do you have to bang your hand on the table to be taken seriously? In some matters, with this new moon, you feel as if someone is doing something out of spite. Troubled partnerships or troubled marriages come to an end. You will realize that you need to progress in new areas to earn money. You will find that the job you have had for a long time does not make you happy. A new beginning will make you richer and stronger.

With the new moon in Cancer, you may have a busy agenda regarding bilateral relations and joint affairs. You are at an important decision stage. You break some plans again and move on to a new beginning. You are taking a new step into a new life. You should pay attention to the cooperation of your logic as well as our emotions. Although this new moon may seem to be challenging you, you should control your anger. You are in a time where you will receive support for a lucky and new order. Make good use of the opportunities that come your way in order to put your plans into practice and to take your relationships to more serious points.

Motivational Quote: “Truth is not something to be discovered outside; it is something to be noticed inside.”

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