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Weekly Horoscope Cancer July 18 – July 24 2022

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Dear Cancer and Cancer rising sign, you are entering a period where you will feel better and see your motivation shine through with Venus transiting your sign. You can become the center of attention. You can take care of aesthetic procedures, the arrangements in your closet, and take initiatives to support your personal care. The Venus-Jupiter square becoming definite may cause you to spend exaggeratedly in this regard. You can earn well. But you should not lose control while making expenditures that you will enjoy and feel valuable. Your eating habits may change, you should pay attention to weight gain. You are lucky in relationships. The emotional interactions between you and the people you meet can make you make different decisions.

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With the transit of the Sun and Mercury into the sign of Leo, there may be significant developments in monetary matters. You are in a very ideal period for the returns of your job applications, new studies, thoughts about starting your own business, and all attempts to make short money. Your purchase and traffic may increase. You may want to make permanent investments. It would be wise to set your rules and act consciously of your income.

With Chiron’s retrograde in Aries, you may need to take a look at your old responsibilities and jobs in your business life. Your quest for status may increase, and you can have conversations based on it. You are aware of the areas where you need to improve yourself. There may be situations where you will receive support from others just as you support other people. Instead of being afraid of it, you should experience the feeling for yourself, for your work.

Motivational Quote: “Faith illuminates the path your shadowy mind must take.”

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