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Weekly Horoscope Aries July 18 – July 24 2022

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Dear Aries and rising sign Aries, home buying and selling transactions, new nesting ideas, investment-based transactions may take place on your agenda with Venus moving into Cancer. You can take initiatives with high financial and moral value. You are in a very lucky and productive period in this regard. You should try not to make emotional decisions. You should think that leaving where you are does not take away a piece of your life, on the contrary, it will create new pieces and possibilities. Moon Jupiter conjunction may cause you to give exaggerated reactions in the family. You should pay attention to your attitudes. It would be wise to act by thinking about it in order not to make impulsive and large investments.

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The start of the journey of the Sun and Mercury in Leo will make you realize the power within you again. You can talk more about your wishes and focus on your investments and interests. The interviews you will make and the people you will meet can feed you in this direction. Your emotional world is moving. You are open to interactions and new relationships. Your posture, identity, and opinions can grab attention. Ideas about having children, the needs of your children and activities for them come to the fore.

Chiron, starting retrograde in your sign, can give you opportunities to find and complete the areas where you feel inadequate. Instead of lowering your motivation, you should make your goals and decisions about yourself clear. In this way, you can recover faster and make it easier to get out of wrong relationships and affairs. Remember that wounds are meant to be treated and serve as a lesson.

Motivational Quote: “Success is the moment to showcase that statue you built when no one else was in your life. “

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