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Weekly Horoscope Aries July 11 – July 17 2022

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Dear Aries and rising sign Aries, with the full moon that will take place in Capricorn on July 13, you are coming to a conclusion in decisions that will affect your career. You are in a time when important endings will bring important beginnings. You can see the final version of your plans and applications, whose lines and qualities have become evident. In this way, you can also review your decisions about the path you follow. Your self-confident stance will not go unnoticed by your superiors. You are in a period of time where you will gain new experiences, establish new relationships and update your attitudes according to your relationships. The contact that the full moon will establish with Mars will strengthen your steps and bring important developments in monetary terms. You start earning as a result of your hard work.

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With the conjunction of Mercury and Sun in Cancer, you can make and implement important decisions for yourself and your family. There may be conversations about marriage, meeting and first steps. Since you will express yourself better, it will be easier for you to act in line with your wishes. You can think about right dreams and right wishes.

Motivational Quote: “Take into account today and all your tomorrows so you don’t have to waste another minute regretting your yesterdays.”

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