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Weekly Horoscope Aquarius July 4 – July 10 2022

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Dear Aquarius and Aquarius ascendant, with Mars transiting in Taurus, you can take care of your home and family matters. It can be a process where you will understand each other’s value and make an effort to establish better relationships and living spaces. It may come to the agenda that the issues that have been going on since 2020 are resolved and your real estate sales will end. You can take care of the responsibilities and household chores that you think are a burden on you. Instead of feeling reluctant and reluctant, you should act by considering the value you will give to yourself, the place you live and your family. Postponing can spoil the leaven of your expectations. Finalization of Moon Uranus opposition You can learn surprising information from the dialogues you will have with your mother or female figures in your work and environment on July 8-9. Know how to transform opportunities.

With Mercury moving in Cancer, you may experience days that will increase the harmony between you and your colleagues. You can be more emotional, altruistic and sharing. It is useful to adjust the dose well so that this situation does not negatively affect your career. Because you are entering a process in which you will completely defeat your entire order. You may encounter new job interviews, offers and moving news that will provide this. You are changing some of your habits. This makes your daily life faster and more efficient. The conjunction of Uranus and the North Node can radically change your life in matters that you resist or cannot see yet.

Motivational Quote: “There is no courage when you have all the answers. Courage is when you’re ready to face the questions you’ve been avoiding all your life.”

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