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Weekly Horoscope Aquarius July 18 – July 24 2022

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Dear Aquarius and rising sign Aquarius, you are under positive influences in your work environment and responsibilities with Venus moving into Cancer. You will enter a process where you will both put your affairs in order and get the reward of your efforts. Job interviews, conversations with your superiors, and your financial expectations may result in positive results. You should put forward your wishes in matters such as promotion, regulation, status change. You may receive good news about your health. You are rewarded.

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With the Sun and Mercury moving into Leo, your relationships may be on your agenda. You can attract attention and take important initiatives emotionally. You may feel yourself at a decision stage. While doing this, it is beneficial to act not only by considering your own wishes and expectations, but also by considering the other side. New contracts, agreements and partnerships may be involved. You can work on issues that will have an important place in your life.

With Chiron’s retrograde movement in Aries, you can receive the feedback of the support you have given to your environment and the cooperation you have established. At the points where you feel unresolved, you may realize that the solution lies in yourself, in your work and in the people you interview. Choose to trust your ideas.

Motivational Quote: “It’s not the distance that matters, it’s the ability to take the first step.”

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