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Libra Horoscope July 2022

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Dear Libra and those whose rising sign is Libra, you are entering a period where you will smile economically with Mars’s travel in Taurus. Your additional income, real estate-based investments and the return of your business may come to the fore. Since it will not be a very fast and expensive period, you can better think about how you will use the opportunities you have. You get new opportunities to establish a permanent order. You can go beyond your expectations and current attitudes. You can start getting the reward for everything you pay for. Your fears leave their place to a comfortable life. Get ready for new pages.

Mercury in Cancer can bring many innovations and signatures to your business life. Important meetings, information exchanges, business development and business start-up thoughts can be on your agenda. Your mother and your conversations with family members can guide you. You are in an emotional and sensitive period. Therefore, these situations may outweigh your attitudes both in your work environment and in the programs you will attend. Being emotional in the decision mechanism may not always bring profit. You have to adjust your dose well. Because the presence of Lilith here may cause you to reveal your fears or ambitions. You should not forget that you have to get rid of them in order to protect your place and achieve better. Right and wrong unfold before you, choose to see.

With the full moon in Capricorn on July 13, your agendas about home and family gain importance. You can have conversations about moving, house arrangements, domestic rules, and marriage expectations. It may be a process where you take control and initiative. Even if you experience conflicts from time to time, you can fulfill your wishes with the financial and moral support of your family elders. You can see the responses of your attitudes so far. Therefore, it will be very important to act according to what you want to see.

Sun and Mercury conjunct in Cancer can bring negotiations and conclusions that will affect your business conditions. You are starting over. Getting rid of the subjects that you are unconsciously obsessed with can give you the opportunity to show your projects. You come out of your container and express yourself in a better way. You may experience developments that you will talk about and that you will affect many people. You are making new decisions to build relationships where your goodwill will not turn into sentimentality and too much sacrifice.

With your ruling planet Venus entering the sign of Cancer, you are entering a period in which you will gain significant support and gains in your business life. The work you do and the responsibilities you take can take you a few steps ahead. As you will draw attention to yourself, news of promotion, relocation and raise may come. Since it will be a period when your popularity will outweigh, all the environments you enter will be hiding different returns for you. Not only a change of job, but also some activity in your private life. You can make moves in line with important decisions such as engagement and marriage. The finalization of Venus Jupiter square warns you to manage your attitudes and spending more controlled. You should experience your excitement to the fullest and be sure of what you are doing while putting your ideas into practice.

The transit of the Sun and Mercury in Leo brings you the chance to meet new people, show yourself and set new goals for yourself. You can get support for what you want to do, and you can get positive results as a result of your negotiations. Your self-confident stance, your attitude that knows what you want and can manage will open many doors for you. You can take part in social organizations. However, it is useful not to clash with authority figures. You have to be careful and controlled.

Chiron’s retrograde in Aries can make you question bilateral relations. You may think that you are not giving the necessary importance. Seeing the shortcomings in yourself can also feed you in relationships. Talking about this issue with your partner and making plans to solve problems and possible situations will make your job easier. You can witness once again that strength will emerge from unity.

Motivational Quote: “What you do today can improve your tomorrow.”

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