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Leo Horoscope July 2022

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Dear Leo and Leo rising sign, you have lost your enthusiasm on many issues for the last three months, but at the end of June, the tensions you experienced with your work environment or with people you cooperate with, such as your spouse or partner, made you think. You may have to do some things this month. At the end of this month, on July 28, the Leo new moon will take place in your sign. This will be the time when you take the stage with all your might. That’s why you need to notice and prepare for some issues earlier this month. Transition of Mars to Taurus can start the month of July with confident steps in terms of career. It is a good time to change your business environment and to evaluate offers. Changes related to your location may be the subject of obtaining monetary returns. You can dominate your own words and wishes. Standing behind everything you are sure of may cause you some problems with your colleagues and superiors. You should stay away from power struggles. Knowing how to stretch where it is needed can enable you to use the opportunity you have in a more efficient and long-term way. You have to be prepared for surprises.

Mercury’s course in Cancer can reveal many issues that you hold inside. This may mean putting into practice not only the negativities, but also your expectations and secret plans from everyone. In the face of this situation, which you will shape according to your story, you should be careful not to get emotional manipulations. Because what you will learn and the issues related to your family may affect you. You should not be involved in any subject without being sure or understanding. The fact that Lilith will talk to Mercury can make you say things you don’t want. While revealing your strength and feelings, it is useful to take care not to endanger your daily life and health.

With the Capricorn full moon on July 13, developments that will significantly affect your daily life may knock on your door. These are not surprises, they will be the results of your efforts and the system you have established. Change of location, issues related to new responsibilities may come up. You have to be willing to change and live by the new rules. In this way, you can keep the flow of your daily life under control and better manage your earnings and time. You may experience an intense and exhausting process.

The Sun and Mercury conjunct in Cancer gives you new ideas on the issues you feel tired and depressed internally. You can learn to have compassion on yourself. You have to see the opportunities that come your way to get rid of the negative impact on you. You can achieve this by breaking the ties that devalue and tire you. Don’t be afraid to give up. You may experience developments where secret hostilities will emerge and people will witness their real faces and speeches.

Venus in Cancer can remind you of old friendships, environments and loves. You may experience days when you will miss the past. You should not turn this situation into a depressive move. You can get in touch with people you can meet. But while doing this, you should also remember why these people and events are in the past. Ending hostilities and ensuring that the past does not get caught in the flow of life can be the best part of this process.

Your motivation rises with the travel of Mercury first, and then your ruling planet, the Sun, in your sign. You can feel more free, happy and energetic. You can take care of your appearance and hair care. It may be a period when you will use your time better and focus on the pleasant aspects of life. The fact that you attract attention in your environment brings new surprises in terms of both business and relationships. The Sun Neptune triangle can give you the opportunity to bring the life of your dreams. You realize that you have the necessary motivation and potential. You should try to use it in the right place, at the right time and in the right ways.

Chiron, starting its retrograde in Aries, can bring into account areas where you need to improve yourself. You face the consequences of what you do and don’t do. You can set new goals in your life and set a lifestyle where you can get rid of your previous worries. Some negative developments you will experience will allow you to see your shortcomings more clearly. You should try to learn from them. You can put your ideas about going on a trip that you prepared yourself financially or about a change of place into practice. You get supports.

Motivational Quote: “I will break the bridges I have left behind so I have no choice but to move forward.”

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