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Capricorn Horoscope July 2022

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Dear Capricorns and Capricorn ascendant, with the movement of Mars in Taurus you are finalizing the boundaries of your plans. Real estate investments, business opportunities that will turn some of your pleasures into financial income may be of interest to you. In the future, you may want to set up a system that you will be comfortable with. In addition, surprise loves can knock on your door. Thinking too much or waiting can delay your happiness. You have to try to capture life. Soil and garden work, a holiday in nature or camping may come to your agenda. The trine Pluto retrograde in your sign will form with Neptune, may remind you of your old dreams. In the face of this situation, you may want to show your strength for your plans that you could not realize for some reason. Instead of waiting for an opportunity to adapt the current situation to yourself, you can create your own opportunity.

With the transit of Mercury into Cancer, issues and decisions related to your bilateral relations may take place in your mind. You can make decisions that will affect your emotional life. This could be starting a family or getting new people into your life. You can melt the ice between you and the people around you and establish more sincere relationships. You also smile about commercial partnerships. You can meet people who will complete the issues and investments you are missing. The harmonious image of the Sun in Cancer with Uranus may bring along important surprises and developments in which you will reveal yourself.

With the full moon in your sign as of July 13, you are opening a notebook, not a new page in your life. You can continue on the road with people, with issues that reach a logical and sustainable result, reach your goal and open ways for you to earn. You’re saying goodbye to everyone, everything that doesn’t fall into this category. You can breathe new life into your relationships that have been going on for a while. You are setting new rules for yourself. Your experiences and intense work experience can cause you to become tired both physically and mentally. Therefore, it is useful to take a break and not to skip the times when you need to rest. Remembering your own worth may be the best thing you’ll ever do in the process.

With the Sun and Mercury coming together in Cancer, you can experience developments that will bring your relationships to the signature level. You make clear decisions. There may be a period when you will be emotionally affected. It is helpful to know what you are doing and what your intuition will bring. You should not come under the manipulation of the people around you that you know are malicious. You should only move on with your work, relationships, and people you trust.

With the movement of Venus in Cancer, you can eliminate the roughness in your bilateral relations. It is an ideal time to take your relationship one step further, to spend time with each other and to have romantic days. Your emotional side may outweigh. This can cause you to lose control while loving. Sun Pluto opposition can upset your balance of power, and you can feel tired and angry with the contradiction between your desires and experiences. Trying to establish a balance that will not spoil the effect you are experiencing and making an effort in this direction can relax both you and the person in front of you. Let love win.

With the transit of Mercury and the Sun into Leo, your interest in covered and hidden issues may increase. With your efforts and initiatives, you can find answers to many of your questions. You must make the right distinction between using or not using this information for your own well-being. You are in a period where you will be lucky in monetary matters. You can get the reward of your efforts in large amounts and you can acquire new financial resources. Positive feedback may come on the bank, credit, debts and receivables. You should be careful not to run into luxury consumption and investments. It is useful to set limits on your material and spiritual generosity.

With Chiron starting its retrograde movement in Aries, you can get feedback on your trading transactions and living space arrangements. Now your wishes are taking shape and you are preparing yourself for the moves related to it. You will feel the support of your family behind you. Get ready to watch the return of your efforts so far. Whatever you make yourself believe, you will live.

Motivational Quote: “No obstacle is as great as the heart.”

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