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Cancer Horoscope July 2022

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Dear Cancer and Cancer rising sign, Especially since the new moon in your sign on June 29th, you are not the old you. At the end of June, you really don’t know how to deal with some events. But this month is now your birthday month. A time when you shine brightly and regain your lost power. With Mars passing into Taurus, you can take some actions in your social environment. These actions will be in the direction of using their experience, although not in a physical way. You can set new regulations, new distances and new goals. You can seek calmness and continuity in all of them as an effect of what you’ve been through. You can embark on jobs that will give you the comfort and peace of mind you want. You may be interested in investments that you will secure yourself.

With the transit of Mercury in your sign, important decisions may be included in your life. You can talk a lot about yourself, and there may be developments that your environment will constantly talk about. You may be interested in matters related to marriage, starting a business or your social circle. You are in an ideal time to get rid of the influence of the past and turn a new leaf. Hold on to your ideas. The conjunction of Lilith advancing in your sign with Mercury may lead you to some misconceptions or pessimism. Think about what you missed with this effect so far and now be aware of your previous mistakes. You are in a process where you will learn to adapt what happens to you instead of rejecting life. You are raising yourself.

The full moon, which will take place on July 13 in Capricorn, gives important signals about your relationships. The lessons you will learn from your past experiences, mistakes and happiness can be decisive in the decisions you will make. During this process, you may learn that you need to manage your emotions correctly and focus on the real aspects of your relationships. Taking a firm stand can also make sure the steps you will take. You must be prepared for important endings and beginnings. You are at a time when you have to obey your logic, not your anger.

The conjunction of Sun and Mercury in your sign will make it easier for you to act in harmony with your ideas. You can reap the rewards of both asserting yourself and influencing your environment. The people you will meet can open new pages in your relationship and career life. Your determined stance changes everything.

With the transit of Venus in your sign, you are entering a period where you will feel better and see that your motivation shines through. You can become the center of attention. You can take care of aesthetic procedures, the arrangements in your closet, and take initiatives to support your personal care. The fact that the Venus-Jupiter square starts to become definite may cause you to spend exaggeratedly in this regard. You can earn well. But you should not lose control while making expenses that you will enjoy and feel valuable. Your eating habits may change, you should pay attention to weight gain. You are lucky in relationships. The emotional interactions between you and the people you meet can make you make different decisions.

With the transit of the Sun and Mercury into the sign of Leo, there may be significant developments in monetary matters. You are in a very ideal period for the returns of your job applications, new studies, thoughts about starting your own business, and all attempts to make short money. Your purchase and traffic may increase. You may want to make permanent investments. It would be wise to set your rules and act consciously of your income.

With Chiron’s retrograde in Aries, you may need to take a look at your old responsibilities and jobs in your business life. Your quest for status may increase, and you can have conversations based on it. You are aware of the areas where you need to improve yourself. There may be situations where you will receive support from others just as you support other people. Instead of being afraid of it, you should experience the feeling for yourself, for your work.

Motivational Quote: “Just what you do today can change all your tomorrows.”

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