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What Does It Mean to See Wind in a Dream?

What Does It Mean to See Wind in a Dream-0

Seeing the wind in a dream is interpreted according to the direction and shape it blows. A light wind, if the patient has seen it, is a sign of quick healing and joyful news for others. The north wind is a sign of getting comfort, getting rid of anxiety and sadness, and getting money. Lodos wind is very auspicious and indicates getting rid of sorrow and grief. A gust or a severe storm indicates that a disaster will come to the city where the dream is seen, and the people living there will fall into grief. Cold winter wind, contagious diseases, being dragged by the wind are considered a sign of a long and troublesome journey soon. To see wind in your dream refers to the President, his deputies, his country, the army’s staff and other units, his soldiers, the news of the soldiers, the ministers and other civil servants. Seeing the wind carrying the clouds full of mercy is a sign of cheapness and abundance, victory and good news. Seeing wind and light wind is a sign of common and ordinary diseases such as colds and headaches. Seeing a wind blowing from the west is a sign of disaster and trouble, storm and misfortune because of its sound when it blows violently, because it knocks down trees and sinks ships. The sabbath wind blowing from the southeast is a sign of victory and good news, mercy, abundance and fertility. Seba winds seen in dreams, to mercy; strong wind is a sign of misfortune. Seeing the seba wind in a dream indicates the removal of sadness and grief, healing from diseases and troubles, and news. Winds blowing from known directions (imbat etc.) are signs of good news, mercy and blessings. Kızılyel signifies rebellion against parents and the mobilization of the people’s rabble. To see Samyeli wind blowing in your dream indicates feverish diseases. Seeing a moderately blowing wind in a dream indicates goodness and abundance. Seeing a strong and violent wind indicates the cruelty of the head of state. The wind that lifts dust and earth from the ground is a sign of war. The fact that the wind carries a person to a place without fear, danger and darkness is to be a leader of people, to be appointed to an important task for those who are competent; For others, it is a sign that the stagnation in business and trade will go away. The wind taking someone somewhere in a eerie, dark and fearful atmosphere indicates trouble and distress, sadness and grief. If that person is on the ship, he will be destroyed, if he has a disease, his troubles will increase. Dreaming of trees, houses, people or animals or food etc. to see the wind (storm) that takes away and destroys everything; It is a sign of epidemic diseases such as the plague, great general troubles and misfortunes that will occur among the people such as war, sedition and captivity. The wind, which is seen with the thunder, is a sign of the head of state whose power is overwhelming. If the storm uproots trees there, it is a sign of wrath from the head of state. To see that the wind takes you from one place to another in your dream, to the sultanate, dignity and state; or to embark on a journey from which he will never return. Seeing a person riding the wind in a dream indicates a high position and a sharp command, and his word is kept by everyone. To see that the wind is dragging you in your dream indicates a long journey and profit and profit from this journey. Seeing a strong wind (storm) blowing on a local people in a dream is as much as the strength of that wind. it is a sign of fear and violence that will reach the people of that place. To see that the wind blows on a city or a soldier in a dream indicates that if the people of that city or that soldier are in war, they will be destroyed. Seeing the wind sometimes is good news from Allah. The absence of anything that is a good sign with the wind is interpreted as the removal of abundance from that place. The sound of the wind is called torment and violence.

What Does It Mean to See Wind in a Dream-1

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