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What Does It Mean to See Light in a Dream?

What Does It Mean to See Light in a Dream-0

To see that light rains down on your house in your dream is interpreted that you will overcome your luck and attain enlightenment and comfort. To see that you have reached the light after the darkness indicates that if you are poor, you will learn the ways to become rich. If you are suffering from grief and pain, it indicates that you will find the secrets of keeping yourself comfortable and reaching happiness. To see the light descending on someone’s grave indicates that the dead person left with faith. It is said that the light seen in the dream is interpreted with signs for good aspects such as achieving good will, being successful, attaining the grace and bounty of Allah Almighty, happiness and well-being. Some commentators, on the other hand, have said that the light seen in the dream is a sign of attaining guidance. If a person sees that light comes out of his own body or any of his organs in his dream, it is interpreted with the following signs: It is tried to get rid of grief and trouble, to have a good child, to achieve the cleanliness of his heart and conscience and to achieve his desire. It is not good to see that you go from light to cruelty (from a bright place to a dark place) in your dream. It is said that this dream is interpreted as a sign of negativities and evils such as the impoverishment of the rich, dishonor, disrepute, disbelief after belief, perversion after guidance, and blindness (but) of an honorable person. The light seen in a dream refers to good deeds, knowledge, the Qur’an, a good child and scholar. To see that you are dressed in a light dress or a light shirt in your dream indicates that you will gain knowledge that the dreamer will benefit from; Or it is a sign of turning to worship Allah.

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