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What Does It Mean to See Fun in a Dream?

What Does It Mean to See Fun in a Dream-0


To have a fun in your dream is interpreted that you will return to your old self after a happy and great joy. Dreaming of fun is not good. To see that one is having fun in a dream indicates ingratitude. To see that you spend your goods and money for entertainment in your dream indicates that he (the person of the dream) will fall into trouble and suffer from poverty. All kinds of games and entertainment seen in a dream indicate the deceitfulness and transience of worldly life, efforts that will end in sadness, heart blindness and shortsightedness. To have fun in a dream with the aim of resting indicates physical and mental health, joy and happiness. To see yourself in one of the entertainment assemblies in your dream indicates good and joyful news.

What Does It Mean to See Fun in a Dream-1

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