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What Does It Mean to See a Sultan in a Dream?

What Does It Mean to See a Sultan in a Dream-0

Seeing a sultan in a dream is interpreted as a very good dream. It is considered as a sign that you will have a very lively and happy life if you are married, instead of establishing a happy home for single people. Also, to see a sultan in a dream means to rise and progress, to reach high positions in his profession and to progress in his work. To see a sultan on his throne in a dream indicates dignity, honor, strength and power. Seeing a sultan or a sultan in a dream is interpreted as imamate, knowledge, rhetoric, fame, judgment, inclination to rule, beautiful face, dignity and state, honor, height, blessing, strength. Seeing a just sultan or sultan in a dream indicates good luck in the world and the hereafter. To see that the sultan takes a turban from his head or something from his clothes in a dream indicates that his property will be lost, his dismissal from civil service and the stagnation of earnings. To see that you are under a quilt with the sultan in your dream is a sign of goods and goodness that will come from the sultan. In addition, seeing the sultan in a dream also indicates that you will get rich and have plenty of income, get rid of hostility and be well. To see that you kill the sultan (ruler, head of state, melik) is a sign to demand a great job and achieve it. The fact that the patient is a sultan is a sign of sadness and grief. To see that you are a sultan in your dream means to attain property and sultanate for its people; It is a sign of strife and confusion or another misfortune for the non-professional, which will harm the people other than the scholars and the people of taqwa in his society.

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