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What Does It Mean to See a Diamond in a Dream?

What Does It Mean to See a Diamond in a Dream-0

To see a diamond in your dream indicates that you will be an honorable and reputable person, your position will rise higher, collecting diamonds indicates loss of wealth, pain and sorrow, selling diamonds will get rid of sorrows, eating diamonds indicates a lot of income and abundance in the family. According to some commentators; They said that seeing diamonds and diamonds in a dream is not good. Because these precious stones have become a symbol and symbol of people who care about the world, who are fond of materialism and fanfare. This dream is a sign of uselessness, uselessness, vanity, fanfare and being out of sight. To see a diamond in a dream indicates a proud, arrogant woman who has no virtues or chastity other than appearance. To see that you buy a diamond ring and wear it on your finger is a sign of marrying such an arrogant and proud woman. To see that you take the ring off your finger and give it to someone else in your dream indicates separation from your wife and divorce her. In a dream, a spotless bright stone indicates a beautiful woman, and a dull and stained diamond indicates an ugly woman. To see jewelery decorated with diamonds and diamonds in a dream indicates sadness, grief and distress for a man, and relief and bliss for a woman.

What Does It Mean to See a Diamond in a Dream-1

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