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July 1 2022 Scorpio Horoscope Daily & Today

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Dear Scorpio, today’s energy will be full of calmness and serenity. Throughout the day, you will go through the decision-making process more slowly than usual. Use this time for planning and stabilization. Now stop and evaluate what you have accomplished.

Today, your agenda will be your career and you will hold on to your career-oriented plans more tightly. While new work-related projects and short trips remain on the agenda, you are entering a constructive period in subordinate relations. In particular, you will be able to draw attention to the business issues in which you have developed yourself. The financial side of joint issues may be a bit of a drag. Limited conditions will continue until the end of the month.

It is a day where you will receive intense but good feedback. You can have conversations with your superiors and make suggestions to show yourself. You may need to deal with changes in your work environment, and the sharing between you and your friends may attract attention.

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